Military Photography Jobs

Military photography is among the many different types of exciting and rewarding photography jobs. There are actually a few different types of military photography. Sometimes the army themselves will hire photographers to capture evidence. Some photographers are even responsible for spying on the enemy and collecting details. Most military photographers, however, also work as journalists. The press have huge numbers of these photographers out there who are taking photos and reporting back to the outside world. Whichever type of photographer you are you will be in a certain degree of danger. Wearing a bullet proof vest saying "PRESS" on it might give you some reassurance but your life is still in danger.

Looking for Military Photography Jobs

When looking for military photography jobs, the Internet is your best friend. There's no point looking in your local newspaper because these jobs are not located anywhere near you live. A military photography job is more than just a job--it's also a complete way of life. You will need to visit war torn areas, putting your own safety on the line to take some photos.

Search the Internet to locate potential military photography jobs that might be of interest to you. You can also contact press companies all around the world to find out whether they are hiring anyone at the moment.


If you manage to find an opening for a military photographer then you need to apply. The easiest way to do this is by printing a copy of your resume and sending it to the company. Because you will be printing your own resume it's possible to customize the information and make it suitable to that one job opening.

You should also enclose a few photos out of your portfolio for consideration. Try to choose relevant photos or ones which use similar skills to those used in combat locations. Write your details on the back of the photos so that they don't get mixed up. It will take a long time to get a verdict which is why you should carry on looking and applying to other positions while you're waiting.


If you get invited in for an interview, you will need to be on your best behavior. This means that you have already been shortlisted and are very lucky. Take your portfolio in with you to discuss something about your experiences. You will have to wait for a few weeks after the interview to find out about the final verdict. If you didn't get the job then don't let this concern you, just forget about it and apply for another job. Don't get depressed just because you missed out on what seems like your dream job.