Maternity Photography: 3 Tips for Aspiring Professionals

Maternity photography is an important branch in the field, as it captures a special moment in woman’s life when she is carrying another life inside her. This type of photography requires a different set of skills and techniques from the photographer. Here are three tips that can help photographers in the field. Always remember to consult with the pregnant model prior to the shoot to make it easier for all parties concerned.

1. Consider the Location

In most cases, the session is done in the studio. However, there is nothing wrong with considering a different setting. The family home may make the pregnant model feel more comfortable.

2. Think of the Poses

There are three types of poses for maternity photographs: fully clothed, semi or completely nude. Consult with the model if she is willing or not willing to do specific types of poses. When photographing fully clothed, the model should only wear clothing in solid colors with no large prints or patterns which would take the viewer's attention away from the subject.

3. Involve Other Members of the Family

The husband should be included in most of the images. If the couple has any other children, add them in at least some of the frames. Other relatives and pets can also be roped in. Remember to coordinate the colors of all the members prior to the shoot for a more consistent effect.