Lynda: FAQs

The Lynda website provides a vast resource for online courses which cover subjects like digital photography, software training, motion graphics, web development and design. Here are some commonly asked questions about this program.

What Types of Online Courses Are Available?

The courses include a wide variety of topics in various disciplines like Web designing, social networking, business, 3D video and graphics. Apart from that, the majority of courses are geared to teach software skills so that you get the maximum benefit from the program you have bought. Almost all the popular software from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft are covered in the various courses. There are over 900 courses, more than 56,000 tutorials, and new ones are added on a regular basis.

What Is the Quality of Training and the Qualification of Instructors?

The Lynda website constantly endeavors to implement the best teaching techniques and designs the teaching programs in an easy to understand format for progressive learning. The online content is made in sophisticated studios, with the latest technology that can play on almost all popular players.

The instructors are chosen as per level of expertise in their respective fields and have an ability to share knowledge in an open and straightforward way. Some have gained prominence in their field due to their high academic qualifications while some have shown excellence by their expertise in their field. All instructors are screened and are required to meet stringent quality requirements set by the establishment.

Is There Any Certification for the Courses?

The Lynda website provides Certificate of Completion for the courses you have successfully completed. These certificates are quite useful while seeking employment or while working for a promotion.

Are the Courses Only Open for Individuals?

Apart from individuals the Lynda website offers options for multiple users which are ideal for companies or academic establishments who want to train their members. This method proves to be economical and increases the return on investment for companies. The establishment can also customize the various access options to suit their requirements.