Learn the Basics of Professional Photography in 10 Simple Steps

It is quite interesting to learn photography and take shots befitting a professional. Here are 10 simple steps which will guide you through the basics of professional photography.

Step 1: Know Your Camera

It is time to read that lengthy camera manual and know precisely the things your camera is capable of.

Step 2: Composition

Spotting something with your eyes and capturing it on the camera are two different things. You need to frame your shot with the viewfinder or screen so that you know exactly what you want to include and exclude.

Step 3: Light

The most important aspect which can make a dramatic difference to your shot is light. Lighting aspects in indoor photography can be controlled to the full extent and is excellent for portrait photos. Outside you need to consider the angle of sun rays, the cloudiness of the sky and time of day. Soft lighting is excellent for most shots.

Step 4: Shadow

This too has to do much with the previous point but here you need to notice where the shadows are falling and whether they are too dark and hiding facial or other objects in the frame.

Step 5: Color

The color composition in your frame also needs to be considered. You need to avoid too many garish colors, and there should be a balance of various tones.

Step 6: Background

If you trying to take the shot of a subject against a background, make sure it is not too cluttered and the subject should be easily spotted against it.

Step 7: Focus

Focusing on a subject can make areas away from the subject go out of focus and a bit blurry. To get a uniformly sharp image, learn to set the depth of field so that all objects are sharp.

Step 8: Extra Equipment

Always carry a tripod, as it is an excellent piece of equipment which will get you very good shots whether it is of nature or portraits.

Step 9: Multiple Shots

To catch that perfect moment or that fleeting emotion on a face, it is always better to fire off multiple shots. Now you are dealing with digital photography and hence you are not losing any money on film.

Step 10: Learn to Handle a Photo Editing Software

You can make excellent enhancements to your photos with any photo editing software like Photoshop or PhotoImpact, and hence it is better to know one.