Learn Photography: How to Choose a Starter Camera

If you want to learn photography to develop a hobby or begin a business, your first step is to select a camera. With the various types of cameras on the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the functions, quality and sheer number of starter cameras that are available for the novice photographer. Starter cameras generally take quality photos, but do not provide all of the bells and whistles that a more advanced camera can offer. Follow the steps below to make sure you are choosing a quality camera.

Step 1 - Figure Out a Price Point

The average starter camera may cost approximately $300. Go higher than this and you may find yourself with a confusing camera that you are unsure to operate. The higher the cost, the more features that will be provided to a photographer. On the other side of the spectrum, choose a cheaper camera and you will get what you pay for.

Step 2 - Choose Your Functions

It is much easier to take pictures when you are not fumbling with options and features. Go for the basics. Look for a camera with a high shutter speed. You will be able to catch more images in real time. Many of the point-and-shoot cameras that are available allow the user to select a scene. If you choose "sports" scene, the camera will adjust the shutter to take pictures of objects that are swiftly moving.

Step 3 - Shop Around

Go to various shops such as Best Buy, Staples and Walmart to get a feel for the cameras that are on the market. The appropriate starter camera will allow you to choose scenes. It may help to ask a person working at the store to assist you in your quest for finding a camera. They can be a wealth of knowledge while in the store. Ask them if they have a favorite camera or know of one that people tend to buy. It can be a smart idea to go to the web site of a manufacturer of a camera. Some examples are Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax. Reviewing these various sites will help you get more comfortable with the makes and models of cameras without even leaving your house.

Step 4 - Try It Out

While in the store, turn the camera on and snap a few pictures if you are able to do so. This will allow you to get more comfortable with the camera and its functions. If you are unable to do so, simply hold the camera and take mental notes regarding the size, weight and body of the camera. Is it too large? Does it have a strange shape? These are just a few of the important aspects of choosing a camera. Most stores provide a warranty so if you decide you do not like the camera, take it back. Simply tell them that it was not what you were looking for.

Step 5 - Enjoy!

Now that you have chosen a quality camera, the best way to get more comfortable with your camera is to use it. Take pictures of anything that you can. You will also get more knowledge in the various features that come with the camera.

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