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Production Crew: Professionals vs. Volunteers

To film a good video, you will need to hire a crew  of some sort. Hiring a crew can be expensive, which is why many people turn to hiring volunteers. However, it is important to...[more]

Production: How To Get Amateur Actors

If you are trying to film videos, then you will need to find a way to get some actors on board. You can either hire professionals or alternatively you can hire amateur actors instead. Amateurs...[more]

Production: What Is Chroma Keying and How To Do It

Chroma keying is a commonly used tool in filmmaking today. Learning about and how to use it could make a big difference in how you choose to shoot certain scenes from here on out. Step...[more]

Pre-Production: Tips on Props

Props are essential to create a good video. If you want to learn how to create the ideal video, then you will need to have a wide selection of different props. Depending on the subjects...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Find a Crew

Your crew is comprised of the people who will essentially make the movie for you. Having a complete and talented group of people putting all the pieces together is critical to maintaining the quality of your...[more]

Pre-Production: The Basics of Budgeting

The most prominent task during pre-production is budgeting. Everything you do will all come back to the budget. Writing out your budget accurately is just as important as sticking to it. Step 1: Contingency Film...[more]

Pre-Production: Film Scheduling

Scheduling is an important part of pre-production. Setting reasonable goals for the timing of your production will keep things running efficiently. Step 1: Start Date The first thing you need to schedule is the first...[more]

How To Plan for Greenscreen

Greenscreen has become a popular tool in film making today. Though it may seem to be a simple thing to come by, there are many things to consider before jumping into such a project. Step 1:...[more]

Do You Need a Script for a Web Show?

Web shows are changing the entertainment world down to the very idea of a script. There are as many ways to go about shooting a web show as there are different kinds of content. Scripted...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Create a Storyboard

A storyboard is crucial to the filmmaking process. It is a nice visual to present during fundraising and also very informative to the crew. Storyboards do not always need to look pretty; sometimes stick figures...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Create a Shot List

One of the best ways to plan out your shoot is to create a shot list. Though this may seem like a simple task, you should be careful to keep it clean and organized in...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Script

A script can be hard to crank out. Translating your ideas onto the page takes a lot of skill and practice. On top of that, there are some established conventions that you will need to...[more]

Sell Photos of Landmarks: Permit Required?

If you are interested in making money by learning to sell photos of the different objects, people, and places you have shot over the years, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations associated with selling photos. If...[more]

Pre-Thinking for your Pre-Production

Pre-production is the most important phase of making a movie. Planning is everything, and you will need to start thinking about it even before you officially begin pre-production. Step 1: Fundraising Before you can start doing anything,...[more]

Pre-Production: Understanding Talent Costs

In pre-production, you will need to decide how to pay your talent. There are many ways to go about this depending on what you can afford. Day Rate The most common arrangement for an actor...[more]

Pre-Production: Understanding Crew Costs

Paying your crew is a huge expense of production. Though you may want to cut corners with this cost, remember that you get what you pay for. Above the Line Above the line crew members...[more]

Pre-Production: Understanding Location Permits and Fees

Finding locations is a key part of the pre-production process. Though you may find the perfect shooting location, you will still need to take steps beyond merely reaching an agreement. Insurance Though this is an expensive...[more]

Production: How To Organize Wardrobe

The wardrobe department carries a great deal of responsibility. Keeping things organized is critical in order to maintain order. Step 1: Organize by Character Each character will need to wear a number of outfits throughout...[more]

Pre-Production: Planning for Transportation

A major part of pre-production is planning for transportation. There are many elements that need to be brought together for a day of shooting. Ask yourself how they will get there. Step 1: Equipment The amount...[more]

Production: How To Organize Props

Missing props can ruin a day of shooting. Keeping these items organized will keep the production moving efficiently. Step 1: Go through Script The first thing a prop person should do is go through the...[more]

Production: How To Organize Makeup

Makeup can consist of many different items getting jumbled into one bag. Keeping your department organized will keep you from making mistakes or losing time. Step 1: Compartmentalized Bag Rather than throwing all of your...[more]

Pre-Production: Planning for Animals

A script that calls for animals will require some extra work in pre-production. Animals and children are two of the most challenging types of actors to work with. Step 1: Training Your animal needs to...[more]

Production: How to Create Homemade Sound Effects

Sound design is a highly important and often overlooked aspect of production and part of great sound design is sound effects. Sound effects add to the illusion created by a film, and they have the...[more]

Production: How to Build Your Own Homemade Sound Booth

If you are serious about making high quality videos, then you will want to build your own sound booth. A sound booth is a special room or area of your home which has good acoustics....[more]

Pre-Production: 4 Basic Pieces of Film Equipment You Need

In pre-production, you will need to track down a good amount of equipment for the upcoming shoot. Your crew members should be able to advise you about this, but before you have hired everyone, you...[more]

Pre-Production: Tips on Costumes

Costumes can be a tricky thing to keep up with in filmmaking. There are many methods of managing them, but a good amount of factors should be considered before going down any one path. Consider Your...[more]

On Location vs. Sound Stage

There are many factors that hang in the balance when deciding between location shooting or sound stage shooting. Every element of your production will be affected by your choice. Production Design The most obvious department...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Plan for Set Construction

One of the most challenging parts of filmmaking is set construction. This will require a lot of planning and preparation in order for it to work. Step 1: Find a Specialist Before you make any...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Find a Cast

Finding a cast can be a tedious process of filmmaking. Make sure you start early so that you do not run out of time to find the perfect people for your roles. Waiting until the...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Scene Breakdown

Pre-Production is the most important stage in the production process because the quality of your shoot is determined by how well you prepare for it. One of the first pre-production steps is to write a...[more]

Pre-Production: How To Write a Treatment

One of the first steps in pre-production is the writing of a treatment. A treatment is a loose term that is thrown around in the industry. It's basically a summery of the work that is...[more]

How to Make Connections in Event Photography

When it comes to event photography there are plenty of ways that you will be able to make successful connections that will help you to further your career. Event photography is a type of career or...[more]

How to Sync Audio and Video in Avid

Many projects will require you to sync audio to your video without any real sync marks in your footage. One instance in which this often occurs is in music videos. The singer will have been...[more]

Using 3-Point Keyboard Editing in Avid

Making the switch to keyboard editing rather that dragging and dropping clips will greatly improve your life as an editor. For one, you will be working with the technique of professional editors, not only causing...[more]

Creating a Whip Pan Transition in Avid Composer

In Avid Composer, you can achieve a fairly convincing whip pan even after you forgot to do it in the camera. This takes a few layers of effects that may need to be tweaked depending...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Sequence-to-Sequence Editing

If you are looking for a way to complete your editing process, then you should not be intimidated by the fact that Final Cut Pro is used by professionals to give their own work a...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Audio Editing Basics

If you want to add some audio to your movie, then you will need to perform some basic audio editing using the Final Cut Pro windows. The best way to perform this kind of editing...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Creating Individual Multiclips

Creating multiclips with Final Cut Pro is an easy to learn process that will allow you to create videos that show different angles of the same shoot or subject shots from multiple cameras. This technique...[more]

How to Sync Film to Music in Adobe Premiere

With Adobe Premiere, you can sync film to audio in a video clip. In theory, syncing audio and video should be a very straightforward process. However, the reality of syncing audio and video is that...[more]

Using Keylight in Adobe Premiere

When you have become more advanced in using Adobe Premiere, you may be interested in forming special effects such as Keylight. Keylight is a plug-in that is generally not considered usable in the premiere versions of...[more]

How to Use Styles in Adobe Premiere

If you are looking to use styles in Adobe Premiere, then you will need to look at the tabs which can help you to get this project completed. Many people working with Adobe prefer to...[more]

How To Sell Wildlife Stock Photography

Wildlife stock photography can be very rewarding to capture and then sell. You will find, however, that there is a lot of competition out there. While it is not expected that you be the best...[more]

Underwater Photography: Helpful Tips for Using Manual Mode

If you are shooting underwater photography, it is actually recommended that you use full manual mode, if your camera is equipped with that feature. You will have to set the aperture and shutter speed yourself, but...[more]

Using Keyboard Commands vs Drag and Drop

Drag and drop editing is an elementary way to use the Avid program. If you ever want to be hired as an editor, the first thing your prospective employers will look for is whether you...[more]

Changing Timeline Background Color in Avid Media Composer

Making the timeline visually perfect can come down to the background color. Every editor needs to maximize the ease with which they are able to see their editing work space. This can be affected by fonts,...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Record a Voiceover Using the Voice Over Tool

Final Cut Pro makes voiceover recording very simple. It's a video editing application which runs on Apple Macintosh computers. A built in voice over tool makes it possible to use your computer's microphone to record...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Zoom In to the Canvas

It's possible to use Final Cut Pro to zoom into the canvas in your video. Final Cut Pro is the most popular video editing application which is used by professionals. The application can be run...[more]

From iMovie to Final Cut: Importing Clips

If you have reached the point where iMovie no longer meets your video editing needs, you may be considering Apple's high-end product: Final Cut Pro. If you decide to move to Final Cut Pro, you...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Viewer Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Viewer Window is the screen through which you view the film as you are working on it. You can use the viewer window during the process known as three-point editing,...[more]

Enhancing Storyboards with Photoshop

It doesn't matter if you draw using pen and paper or with a tablet, you can use Adobe Photoshop to enhance your storyboards and make them even better. You can prepare your storyboard for animation...[more]

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