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3 Tips to Start a Career in Baby Photography

Baby photography is second only to wedding photography as the most lucrative photographic career in the photography industry. Mothers, father, aunts and uncles all want a photograph of the little darling. When you decide...[more]

3 Benefits and Pitfalls of Freelance Photography

Freelance photography is a great field to work in because you get to do what you love while being your own boss. Of course, the trade off is that when you're not working you're...[more]

Digital Photography Classes: Prepare for a Successful Business

While you already may be a good photographer, digital photography classes can help you improve your skills. These classes are especially helpful if you are breaking into a certain type of photography field. These...[more]

Fashion Photography Tutorial: 3 Secrets of the Pros

Fashion photography is a very fast paced and exciting photography field. There is nothing better than capturing the perfect shot of a celebrity wearing the latest piece of clothing. Fashion photography is also a...[more]

Learn the Basics of Professional Photography in 10 Simple Steps

It is quite interesting to learn photography and take shots befitting a professional. Here are 10 simple steps which will guide you through the basics of professional photography. Step 1: Know Your Camera It...[more]

10 Advanced Digital Photography Tips

The innovations in digital photography have enhanced the quality of images, and now even amateurs can take some stunning photos. Here are 10 tips for advanced digital photography. Tip 1: Focusing It has often...[more]

Retouching Nature Art Photography Images

When working with nature art photography, some aspects of the shoot cannot be controlled. Retouching can help enhance the photograph’s overall look. The following are a number of aspects that can be retouched when...[more]

Stock Art Photography: How to Use

Stock art photography is generic images that are available for individuals or businesses to use as opposed to hiring a photographer. While you will have to pay for these photos, you may use them...[more]

Stock Art Photography: Where to Find

Stock art photography provides you with the opportunity of having a picture of an object, place or person without having to take it yourself or hire a photographer. But, you also need to know...[more]

Editing Black and White Art Photography in Photoshop

Anyone who is serious about becoming a professional photographer will need to learn how to touch up and edit black and white art photography. Black and white photography might seem simple at first. However,...[more]

Landscape Art Photography: Taking Pictures of Snow

Landscape art photography involves taking pictures of nature in an artistic way. This often means capturing winter scenery or animals in the snow. But, there are special tricks to ensure that your winter pictures...[more]

Using a Landscape in Art Photography

Landscape Art Photography is an essential skill in being a professional photographer, and it can take some time getting used to. However, it is very easy to understand and has the unique advantage of...[more]

Framed Art Photography Techniques

Framed art photography is very easy to display on walls and tables. By framing a piece of artwork, you are instantly protecting it from danger while still being able to enjoy it. There are...[more]

Displaying Your Framed Art Photography

Framed art photography is a great way to get your photos off your computer. Once your photos are liberated from your computer, they can then they can then be displayed somewhere where everyone can...[more]

2 Ways to Make Your Art Photography Gallery Unique

If you are looking for ways to make your art photography gallery unique, you should know that there are a lot of ways for you to do it. However, almost all of them have...[more]

3 Ways to Make Nature Art Photography Better

Nature art photography requires a special eye in order to make the most of it. No one wants to take just another postcard picture. When traveling, you should always try to capture the scene...[more]

How to Display Fine Art Photography Prints

Fine art photography prints used to spark controversy in the professional industry. Photojournalism and commercial photography were primarily the more recognized branches in the profession. But, now, fine art photography is slowly carving its...[more]

Making Great Fine Art Photography Prints

State of the art photo printers make it easy to produce fine art photography prints at home. If you want to create these prints, then you will need to ensure you have the right...[more]

What to Look for in an Art Photography School

Picking an art photography school is a tricky process. There are not many art photography schools out there, and the ones that are out there are scattered all over the place. When you are...[more]

3 Good Art Photography Schools

Finding a good art photography school is easier said than done. There are only a handful of schools out there that focus on art photography. When you are looking for good art photography schools,...[more]

Ways to Make Great Art Nature Photography

If you are looking to become a nature photographer, then you need to know how to take great art nature photography. To do this effectively, you will need a good digital SLR camera, a...[more]

What to Look for in an Art Photographer

Finding an art photographer can be a very tricky process. It is much easier to find an art photographer online than it is to find an art photographer in person, but it is all...[more]

3 Tips for an Art Photographer

There are a lot of things that an art photographer can do to make his photos look more creative and eye catching. Although there are some styles that are ineffective, there are others that...[more]

Understanding the Digital Depth of Field

The digital depth of field refers to the distance that is shown across the photograph or image. This actually refers to what is in focus and what is not. Depth of field can be...[more]

Mini Professional Photography Course: Depth of Field

Enrolling in a photography course will be a great way to start work as a professional photographer. There are many different skills that you will be required to master to take good photographs. Although...[more]

Tips for Event Photography Coverage

A great opportunity for photographers is event photography. Sometimes, people want to capture a big personal day, and other times they may want to record a sporting event. There are various events people want...[more]

Professional Digital Photography: How Techniques Differ from Film

As technology and innovation advances, professional digital photography has largely replaced film photography. Until recently, one might argue that film was better than digital in terms of quality. However, digital cameras now have image sensors...[more]

How to Name a Photography Website

Creating a photography website is a big undertaking. In today's digital age, however, anyone who is serious about a photography business needs a website to show off his portfolio. It doesn't matter if you...[more]

How Much to Charge for Baby Photography

Knowing how much to charge for baby photography can be tricky, especially if someone is new to the field. But, pricing services correctly can ensure that the freelance photographer gets what he is worth...[more]

Digital vs Analog Lux Light Meter Comparison

A lux light meter is an essential piece of equipment for any serious photographer to own. It's a tool that allows you to see how bright parts of your frame are and what f/stop...[more]

Freelance Photographer Tips: Children's Sports

As a freelance photographer, it is important to be ready for almost anything. Regardless of the subject being photographed, the weather conditions, as well as a host of other factors, professional photographers must be able...[more]

Baby Portrait Photography vs. Candids

Taking baby portrait photography can be an ideal way to make a regular income from photography. Babies can, however, be very difficult to take photos of because they don't stay still for long. If you...[more]

Education Photography Jobs

There are a lot of photography jobs out there and most of them are very competitive with long hours and sometimes low pay. That being said education photography jobs are highly desired by a lot...[more]

How to Get your First Graduation Photography Job

There are a lot of photographers out there making some pretty nice money from graduation photography gigs. They're fairly simple and easy to set up, and there is always a guarantee of customers wanting a...[more]

Darkroom Photography Equipment: Canisters

If you're serious about shooting with a film camera, then you should invest in darkroom photography equipment. Among the most important pieces to own are canisters, which are lightproof containers with traps on the top...[more]

Stock Photography: Notes on Photographing Children

Stock photography is a very useful way to make some extra money on the Internet. Stock photography is extremely popular because it's useful for use on websites or in various documents. One very popular type...[more]

Travel Photography: Socializing

An important part of travel photography is capturing people while they're socializing. Photographers will need a good digital camera, lots of memory cards and a wide angle lens for most of these activities. Step 1:...[more]

How To Take Great Celebration and Holiday Stock Photos

You can take great celebration and holiday stock photos with just a little bit of know how. You've been taking pictures for years, everything from graduations to birthday parties. Use your hobby to put extra...[more]

Stock Photography: Understanding Royalty-free (RF)

When we're talking about stock images or stock photography, a term that is often bandied about is "royalty-free" or RF images. But, what does the term actually mean? Essentially, stock images are images that are...[more]

How To Film Outdoor News Stock Footage

Stock footage, also known as archive footage, is video footage that is not shot for a movie or a film. Filmmakers like to use stock footage, as it cuts down production costs. Examples of stock...[more]

How To Take Great Health and Beauty Stock Photos

Selling stock photos can be a good source of income if you know the ropes. One of the most in demand categories in stock photography is health and beauty. Because it is highly in demand,...[more]

How To Take Great Fashion Stock Photos

Fashion and lifestyle is one of the most in-demand categories for stock photos. With a number of women's magazines and websites devoted to this, unique photos that cater to fashion and women's lifestyle will most...[more]

Travel Photography: Asia

Few places feature the variety of images that Asia offers to a travel photographer looking to shoot travel photography. From historical sites, to religious shrines, to everyday life, one does not have to look hard...[more]

How To Take Great Business Stock Photos

As an amateur photographer, taking stock photos might be the easiest and most successful way of making money from your hobby. Stock photos are uploaded to a website and can be sold much easier than...[more]

Stock Photography: Understanding Rights-Managed (RM)

There are two main ways to sell stock photography. Most people sell royalty free stock photography, which simply means that these photographs can be used for as long and however the person decides. Right Managed...[more]

Stock Photography: Signing Away Your Rights

Stock Photography is a useful way to make some money from your camera. There are many stock photography websites on the Internet, and this is a very easy way of selling photographs quickly. While you...[more]

Film Festivals: Getting Your Film into SxSW

Getting your film into various film festivals can be a difficult task. The SxSW Film Festival is held on a yearly basis in Austin, Texas. Many people do not realize that the SxSW Film Festival...[more]

Film Festivals: Getting Your Film into Telluride

Having your film featured in film festivals can be an exciting experience. The Telluride Film Festival is held in Telluride, Colorado every year. They typically accept 15 short films and 20 feature films for their...[more]

Production: How To Set Up a Casting Call

When your film or play requires a lot of character spots that need to be filled quickly, you will need to do a casting call. This event allows the director to gather talent, meet the...[more]

Production: How To Use Screen Direction

Screen direction is a term used in video production and editing that refers to the direction an actor or object moves in relation to the camera position. One of the basic rules of editing states...[more]

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