Becoming a Professional Photographer Articles

Sports Photography: 4 Tips and Tricks for Better Images

Just like any craft, sports photography is learned over time with experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that every photo taken captures the beauty of the sport. 1. Invest in...[more]

Learn Photography Online: Course Recommendations for Business Management

Anyone trying to learn photography online will discover that there are lots of things they need to master. Not only will you need to be a good photographer, but you will also need to...[more]

Four Common Elements of Art Photography

Art photography can be used to create some unique and interesting photos. These photographs are very professional and can be used for a wide range of different purposes. It's important to spend some time...[more]

3 Websites to Get Quality Black And White Prints

Black and white prints are simple and elegant. When used in decorating a room, they give a sense of class that some types of art cannot provide. Here are some excellent websites to purchase...[more]

How to Choose House Photos that Have More Impact

Taking house photos can be a good way for photographers to make some extra money. The beauty about taking these photos is that there is a lot of work available in this field. Unlike...[more]

How to Sell Photos Online

If you are hoping to make money from your photography hobby, you will need to learn how to sell photos. There are a number of different markets where you can sell your photographs, including...[more]

3 Photography Tips for Dramatic Images

Dramatic images have an emotional impact on viewers whether it's conscious or subconscious, and here are three photography tips to help you achieve this type of drama. 1. Camera Placement Where the camera is...[more]

Basic Equipment List for Aerial Photos

Many people enjoy taking aerial photos because it's interesting to see something you are familiar with from a different perspective. These photos are great to take as a hobby, but can also be a...[more]

3 Tips from the Pros for Better Nature Pictures

Taking nature pictures can be a very rewarding experience, but it takes patience and a bit of skill to get the perfect shot of that cute baby duck swimming or an eagle soaring through...[more]

Basics of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography provides a unique vantage point which is not possible from anywhere else, making it useful for cartography and analyzing the use of land. Here are a few of the basics of aerial...[more]

Architectural Photography Tips: How to Shoot Better Home Photos

When taking home photos, there are some important things to bear in mind. This article will look at some useful tips which can be used to take better photographs of homes. Homes are unique...[more]

How to Make Commercial Photography Your Profession

Commercial photography is any photography, besides art photography, for which you are paid. This can include fashion, crime scene, advertising or portrait photography. But, there’s more to landing a job as a commercial photographer...[more]

How to Capture Stunning Landscapes with Professional Photography Techniques

Landscape photography involves capturing the natural world, including mountains, beaches and deserts. In face, many people’s favorite type of photography is landscape since everyone is surrounded by some type of landscape. But, capturing great...[more]

3 Secrets of Famous Photographers

Anyone who takes photos for a living wants to know the secrets of famous photographers. Here are a few of them: 1. Get Your Subject Comfortable All successful and famous photographers know that you...[more]

3 Tips to Shoot Black and White Photos like the Masters

While color is the preference of the commercial world, black and white photos still have a high place in the art sector. Plus, they're an essential part of any professional photographer's portfolio because there...[more]

How to Make Money with Your Tree Pictures in Stock Photo Galleries

It is quite easy for anyone to learn how to make money with tree pictures in stock photo galleries. This is because stock photo galleries are a great resource; they're there to provide a...[more]

How to Get Your Wildlife Photography into Publications

If you are participating in high quality wildlife photography, you'll want to find a way to get your images published. There are many major advantages of having your photos displayed in a well known...[more]

3 Landscape Photography Tips for Aspiring Professionals

Landscape photography seems like a dream profession to many people. You get to travel to beautiful places and then share them with the rest of the world. It's a hobby that anyone can do,...[more]

How to Teach Your Own Photography Workshops

Photography workshops are how many people learn photography techniques or even the business of photography. If you are a professional photographer, these workshops are also a great way to meet new people and get...[more]

5 Secrets of the Professional Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer takes photographs to be sold. These photographs are used in magazines, billboards, brochures, business publications, promotional material, on the Internet and in a host of other areas. To become successful in...[more]

Maternity Photography: 3 Tips for Aspiring Professionals

Maternity photography is an important branch in the field, as it captures a special moment in woman’s life when she is carrying another life inside her. This type of photography requires a different set...[more]

How to Start a Career as a Professional Freelance Photographer

Becoming a freelance photographer is a great way to earn money on the side. As a freelancer, a photographer can set his own hours to work and choose his clients and which specialty to...[more]

3 Websites for Free Photography Lessons

Free photography lessons can be found on the Internet. When there are resources that can help expand your skill set at no charge, you should take advantage of them. This is especially true of...[more]

Teaching Digital Photography to Kids

Digital photography for kids is a great way to introduce children to the art of photography. Here are some guidelines on where to start. When you first hand a child a digital camera, start...[more]

Becoming a Creative Memories Consultant

Being a Creative Memories consultant is a nice opportunity to work from home and decide your own schedule and business targets. It is the kind of job that allows you to earn supplemental income...[more]

3 Benefits of Digital Photography for Kids

Digital photography for kids is fast becoming a norm because they are becoming more and more adept with technology. They are now more informed of the functionality and potential of digital cameras. Listed below...[more]

10 Useful Digital Photography Terms to Know

There are a number of useful digital photography terms which photographers starting out in the field should know. Knowing the basics will help in understanding more about the field and improving related skills. The...[more]

How to Use Leading Lines in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography often includes many objects and a wide angle of sight. For a landscape composition to be more easily perceptible, certain techniques might be applied. One of the basic techniques that a photographer...[more]

Basics of the Wedding Photography Business

Whether you are starting out in photography business or are an established professional, you will have to agree that it is the wedding photography opportunities that pay the bills for you. Weddings take place...[more]

3 Tips for Getting Great Family Portraits

Family portraits are one of the great things about those annual family gatherings. Ten years down the line, you will be pulling out the photos to show the grandkids what Aunt Bessie or Uncle...[more]

3 Ethical Guidelines of Professional Baby Photography

Professional baby photography has its own sets of challenges as compared to photographing children or adults. Babies are not capable of listening to instructions and cannot be posed. The following are a few ethical...[more]

How Professional Cameras Can Improve Image Quality

When making a choice from all of the professional cameras that are available, finding one that will improve image quality is important. Some of the many features that improve image quality in professional cameras...[more]

2 Tips for Posing Group Child Portraits

Child portraits are a task in patience. It is extremely difficult to get one child to sit still while setting up the shot to take a photo and to get more than one to...[more]

5 Popular Engagement Photo Poses & Environments

Becoming engaged to be married is one of the most special moments in life, and couples who choose to memorialize this occasion with photographs will want to use appropriate engagement photo poses. There are...[more]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Photography Business Plan

A photography business plan is the foundation of your business. Like any business, the photography business needs the formality of a business plan. Starting any business needs solid goals and steps to achieving success....[more]

Space Considerations for a Home Based Photography Business

In present time, a home based photography business seems to be becoming more and more popular. The reason behind this is that a photography business is not hard to run, and it is not...[more]

How to Use Your Garage to Make a Home Photography Business

A home photography business is one of the ways for you to become a professional photographer. It may sound blurry in the beginning so you have to know your goals and build recourses. Also,...[more]

5 Steps to Make Newborn Baby Photography into a Successful Business

For parents, newborn baby photography captures those precious moments right after birth. But, it’s hard breaking into this type of business. You have to have a good reputation since you’ll be working with very...[more]

3 Tips for Starting a Fashion Photography Career

A fashion photography career has an allure all of its own. When dreaming of turning your photography hobby into a full time career, there are many aspects to consider. If you want to reach...[more]

A Professional Photographic Equipment List for Beginners

If you are aspiring to become a professional photographer and looking for a list of professional photographic equipment, you are not alone. If you are a beginner in the professional photography industry, it is...[more]

Professional Digital Photography: A Brief Guide to Increasing Revenue

Professional digital photography requires some knowledge of how a business works in order to succeed. A photographer must always be open to new ways and methods to increase revenue. Time is limited and must...[more]

3 Tips for Success with Baby Portraits

Taking baby portraits can be a difficult job for any photographer, but there are a few tips that you can use to be more successful and less stressed. 1. Consider Baby's Age If you...[more]

Guide to Choosing Digital Photography Lessons for a Successful Business

The following is quick guide on how to choose digital photography lessons that will help you become a successful photographer. The Basics Go for a course that does more than simply teach you about...[more]

2 Tips to Shoot Beach Photos for Weddings

Beach photos provide you with a problem not encountered in many other areas; glare. The backdrop of the sea and the surf creates a luminescence not encountered in many other areas. Here are few...[more]

Simplify Your Digital Photography Business with Adobe Lightroom

It is easy to simplify your digital photography business with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is a program that is designed to help you bring out the best in all of your photographs. This guideline...[more]

5 Marketing Tips for Headshot Photographers

Headshot photographers specialize in the technique of photographing a person's face in the best way possible so that a particular "look" comes across in the image. If you are starting off as headshot photographer,...[more]

Digital Photography Tutorial: Why Pros Prefer RAW Files

This digital photography tutorial explains the advantages of using RAW files and why they are usually preferred by the pros. A file format is important when it comes to storing images, and the RAW...[more]

Photographic Equipment: 4 Items Preferred by Pros

Even though every photographer has his own style of work and preference, built through practice, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing suitable photographic equipment. There are basically four essential items...[more]

3 Industry Rules of High Fashion Photography

Most people understand that high fashion photography is a tough business for everyone involved. This can include the photographers to the models and everyone in between. There are some very specific guidelines that simply...[more]

Event Photography: Recommendations for Equipment & Set-Up

Event photography is one of the most popular photography businesses today. It not only gives you an opportunity to enjoy great events, it also gives you a great opportunity to maintain or start up...[more]

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