How to Use Styles in Adobe Premiere

If you are looking to use styles in Adobe Premiere, then you will need to look at the tabs which can help you to get this project completed. Many people working with Adobe prefer to use Photoshop to create titles and other lettering, which will then be placed upon the different location. If you want to create a combination of color and font, then it is best to save it in Styles. Adobe Premiere places all of these in a panel known as Title Styles, so you will easily be able to find your customized styles again once you have created them. Learning how to use Styles is vital to creating your own movie titles and sequences.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Computer

Step 1: Create Your Style

Before you can use Style with Adobe, you will need to create some customized title styles of your own. You should edit the title until it looks as you wish, and then you can display it in the view menu. The save button will then ask you if you would like to save this to the Title Styles menu. Click yes, and the styles which you have created will appear in the panel. You can then access them whenever you wish. You will also be able to find your saved tiles in the Style Library files. You can also take styles from other people via an Internet connection, and use them on your own computer.

Step 2: Use the Saved Styles

Exit out of Adobe and then return. Open up the File menu, and build the basic background for your title. When you are ready, go to the saved Style panel, and choose the one that you would like to open. You will then be able to use the saved style in your worksheet.

Step 3: Modify the Display

You can alter the Title Styles panel to show only the style combinations that you have created or uploaded from someone else. This can be a good idea, as the panel will usually try and show all of the styles that are available, and this can mean that you may be faced with lots of tiny pictures. Organizing your default panel so that it only shows small lumps of the style, or only the name of the style, can help you to get control. Open up the Title Styles menu, and choose Text Only or Small Thumbnails. Click OK.

Step 4: Alter Your Default Styles

You can also alter the way that the default styles look when you come to choose them in the panel. Changing the default characters will mean that you can pick and choose what you want the style to look like. Go into the Edit panel, and pick the Preferences tab. Here, you will see a Titler drop down menu. Open this up, and in the Style swatches box, type the characters that you would like the image to display when you are choosing styles.

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