How To Take Great Health and Beauty Stock Photos

Selling stock photos can be a good source of income if you know the ropes. One of the most in demand categories in stock photography is health and beauty. Because it is highly in demand, there is a lot of stock photo available out there and breaking into this department may prove difficult for some. However, if you persevere and you let your creativity shine through, you may just be able to gain from this business. Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind if you're planning to build up your portfolio of health and beauty stock photos.

1. Don't Ignore the Trends

The Health and Beauty category is very wide and diverse, and often the photo you take will not be outdated for several years. Stock photos of women wrapped in towels and close-ups of aromatherapy candles and oils - these images can still be applicable several years from now. But you should also be mindful of current trends in Health and Beauty. For instance, you might want to take stock photos of new discoveries in cosmetic surgery, the latest exercise fad or the hottest trend in dieting. If there's something new in the market, chances are the demand for those stock photos will go up.

2. Think Emotion

Stock photos are often searched through a keyword. When taking pictures of Health and Beauty subjects, it's not enough that you simply think of health and beauty. You should play into emotions and key words. Do research on what keywords top this trend. It might be "fighting stress" or "pampering." Compose your shots with these keywords in mind.

3. Plan it Right

Now that you have a set of keywords to work with, the most important thing is to plan things right. If you're going to focus on fighting stress for instance, you might want to zone into something more specific, such as eating healthy or seeking help. All these keywords can lead to very specific images. List down the cast, props and setting that you will need and prepare these ahead of time.

4. Mind the Movement

Some statistics show that images containing movement are more often snapped up. If it's applicable, show some movement in your composed shots. Instead of simply having your model stand around the bathroom, she might be applying a face mask or make-up. Don't just have a shot of nail polish, take photos of it being applied. Experiment with different shots and movements and your photo will surely stand out.

5. Dead Space is Good

Photographers often avoid dead space or having too much space around your subject. In stock photography on the other hand, this is welcome. Keep in mind that you can never predict how your image will be used. Leave some space in your shots for possible illustrations, icons and text. Your buyers will most certainly appreciate this.