How To Take Great Fashion Stock Photos

Fashion and lifestyle is one of the most in-demand categories for stock photos. With a number of women's magazines and websites devoted to this, unique photos that cater to fashion and women's lifestyle will most definitely always have a market. Because it is a highly in-demand subject, expect the competition to be fierce and the standards to be rigid. Fashion is a very fickle industry, with trends constantly changing. You will always have to be on your toes in watching out for the latest fashion craze. Here are some tips on how you can gather an impressive and profitable fashion stock portfolio.

1. Know the Market

You will have to open your eyes and be more observant about the latest trends in fashion and women's lifestyle. You wouldn't want to come start on a photo project with clothes and styles that are a year behind or your images won't sell. There are many fashion forecasts online with every season and you can use these as pegs for your stock photo portfolio.

2. Get Great Models

The hardest part about fashion stock photography is getting great models. Professional models have exorbitant talent fees that you probably won't be able to afford. You can strike up a deal with someone trying to break in the industry. Model aspirants need a set card, you can offer to create this so the model will not need to hire another photographer. Models not only need to look great, they also need to know how to project and to pose.

3. Get a Stylist

Yet another complication for fashion photography stock is getting a good stylist. You don't need to hire a professional for this, you can tap your network to find one with a flair for fashion. Your stylist will be in charge of dressing up your model from head to toe, from the main wardrobe staples right down to the accessories.

4. Know What You Need

The best way to know which pictures would sell would be to canvas around a bit. Look around online and find the articles that seem to be using fashion stock photo. Maybe these are the ones dealing with seasonal wardrobes or make-up trends or simply showing confident women. With a guideline like this in mind, you won't be literally shooting in the dark.

5. Be Diverse

You don't need to just focus on your model, her attire and her face. With diverse shots, you have a better chance of standing out. Take extreme close-ups of her accessories, focus on her shoes and stockings, capture your model in motion and more. Don't be afraid to jazz it up a bit and veer away from the conventional.

6. Don't Forget the Things

Fashion stock photos also have a demand for subjects without models. There are a load of requirements out there focusing on wardrobe, shoes, accessories, bags, make-up and more. Take different photos of these things so your portfolio has more variety.