How To Take Great Business Stock Photos

As an amateur photographer, taking stock photos might be the easiest and most successful way of making money from your hobby. Stock photos are uploaded to a website and can be sold much easier than waiting to be commissioned for a large project. You sell the rights to use a photograph rather than selling the photograph itself. This means that you can sell the rights to use the photo to numerous people.

Over time your collection of stock photographs should grow. This means that ti's a great ongoing source of income. You can continue to earn money from old photographs even once you have added new ones.

Step 1: Choosing a Subject

The first thing that you need to do to take stock photography is choose a subject to take a photo of. When taking a photograph for business use, you will need to choose a subject which has a story. It's not a good idea to take photos of absolutely everything because this won't necessarily sell.

Try to choose subjects which really will sell and be popular. Developers of web sites will generally be looking for photographs for articles and to include on their website. If the photographs do not tell any story, then they will not be as popular. Many business-themed photos will also be able to be used in advertisements.

Step 2: Setting up Action Shots

Don't worry too much about taking traditional portraits for business stock photography. This is because few people will be looking for this. Instead, the best way to take profitable photos is to concentrate on something that people want. Take action photos by asking someone to do something. For example, someone typing, writing or working will be much more attractive than a plain face shot.

Passing papers, filing things away and doing anything else around the office will sell very well. Another popular thing to take a photo of is someone signing a document.

Step 3: Diversity

Don't just take photos of the same person. You need to create a diverse range of different photographs in similar situations. Make sure that you take photos of different races and genders. You don't need to hire models, as you can get much better results by taking photos of real people.

Step 4: Isolating Photos

Some of the most attractive photos are isolated photos. This is where they are taken against a white background and cut away. If you want to do this, then you will need to ensure that the photograph is sharp and in focus. Avoid any shadows and it will be extremely popular because it will require very little work.

Step 5: Uploading

Once you have finished editing the photos, you should then upload them to one of the many stock photo websites on the Internet. When uploading the photos, you will be given the option of setting up keywords. Choose the keywords so that people can easily find your photo when they are looking for photos like yours. Be honest with the keywords, as this will make it much more likely that people will click and buy your photo.