How to Take Family Portraits

There are few things more memorable than family portraits. While it may be difficult getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, the outcome can be a beautiful picture that is cherished for years. There are several things to keep in mind when taking family portraits.

Pick Poses

There are numerous poses that a family may take when getting family portraits. Some of the classics are a few people sitting in the front with others standing in the back, parents on the outside and children in the middle and everyone sitting while looking up at the camera. You may decide to not even choose a pose at all. These make for some of the best pictures because they are action shots of the family at their happiest.

Decide On Clothes

 A family no longer has to dress in stiff, matching sweaters in order to take a good shot. Choose clothing that is in the same color palette but are not the same exact color. Keep the clothing simple, with no extremely dizzying patterns.

Focus On Family

While there may be beautiful backgrounds available, the best background is a simple one that does not clutter the frame or take away attention from the subjects of the picture. Instead of putting several props into the picture for a visual effect, zoom in on the bodies in order to capture all of the emotion and feeling of the shot. If you are able, you may want to even blur the background. This will ensure that the family is not washed out by the action going on behind them.

Get Outside

Nature can make for some of the most beautiful pictures. Whether it is the autumn leaves, spring flowers or winter snow, the various colors and textures of nature lends a certain quality to your portrait. If you know that you will be around a certain color for your shoot, dress accordingly. If a family dresses in all black while outside on a lovely spring day, this picture will come out looking strange and forced. If you are shooting a summer scene, feel free to take off your shoes and socks. Not only will the kids love it, it will produce photos that look more natural and comfortable.

Have Fun

Although you will be concentrating on your looking great, attempt to have fun with your family. A natural smile looks much more appealing than a forced smile. Take some goofy shots or get everyone to make their funniest face. This will show the true personality of your family. Get a few action shots such as having the family dance together. This will ease the nervous jitters of taking a good shot.

While family portraits are some of the most difficult to shoot due to the number of members and the need to get that perfect shot, it is possible. These portraits are also some of the most cherished so if you follow the steps above, you will be sure to get some amazing photos.

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