How to Sync Film to Music in Adobe Premiere

With Adobe Premiere, you can sync film to audio in a video clip. In theory, syncing audio and video should be a very straightforward process. However, the reality of syncing audio and video is that it sometimes requires some experimentation and trial and error. However, the process is not difficult, and this handy how-to guide will walk you through the process of syncing your audio and video tracks in Adobe Premiere.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere install
  • A linked clip with audio and video data information

Step 1: Know When Synchronization of Audio and Video Tracks Is Required

First of all, you need to know which tasks in Adobe Premiere will require the synchronization of sound and video clips in your footage. Times when you need to make sure that your audio and video clips are synchronized are:

  • When adding a new sound effect to an existing video clip
  • When you want to synchronize the music track with video
  • When you need to synchronize a sound recording that was recorded independent of the video footage
  • Whenever you need to repair a clip where the sound and video components are out of sync

Step 2: Separate Linked Clips

If you have a clip that contains both audio and video data, this is what is referred to as a linked clip. Sometimes, linked clips may already come to you with audio and video files that are out of sync. Therefore, you'll need to unlink the audio and video portions of the clip.

Step 3: Using the Timeline to Sync Video and Audio Tracks

The process of syncing video and audio tracks in the clip begins by dragging the audio and video clips to the timeline and positioning them so that they are roughly where they need to be in relation to one another. Once you have the clips in approximate positions, you'll need to use some trial and error and drag the audio clip to the left or the right until it matches up with the video track. You can use the zoom in closer feature on the timeline to achieve finer control over the process. In order to perfectly sync the video and audio tracks, you'll finally have to wind up zoomed in until you're viewing only a single frame. Continue moving the audio track until it is perfectly in sync with the video file.

Step 4: Create a Link Between the Synced Audio and Video Tracks

Once you have finally managed to properly align the tracks, you should create a linked clip so that they won't accidentally fall out of sync. In order to do this, left click on the video track while holding down the shift key, and then also click on the audio track so that both tracks are selected. Then, right-click either track and select the 'Link Audio and Video' option.

(Tip - If the audio and video tracks of the clip you want to link were recorded separately, the two tracks may fall out of sync as time goes by. In order to avoid this, you may have to adjust the speed of one or both tracks to compensate.)

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