How to Shoot Males in Fashion Photography

While females tend to dominate the industry, males fashion is beginning to blossom as well. The tips listed below will help you shoot those males who are interested in fashion modeling.

Remember That He's a Male

Male models are very different than female models. While female models are known for their sleek toned lines and beautiful, alluring faces, males are normally more muscular and outgoing. The clothing will not be as airy and dramatic. Classic lines and cut jaws will add drama to a photo. What works for a woman will not work for a male. The same holds true for poses. He will not look good with his legs crossed, looking seductively at the camera.

Hair Matters

While long flowing locks may be popular in female photography, the same does not hold true for males in the business. Hair that is not taken care of is frowned upon. Depending on the type of photography and client, short, almost buzzed, hair may be preferred. Also, facial hair may be unwanted. Be sure to listen to the clients requests before casting.

Muscles Don't Matter

It is important to choose a model that is fit but not bulky. There is little need for body-builders in most modeling agencies. Be sure to angle in on their torso while concentrating on the abs. A smooth, washboard stomach is all the rage today. While body hair used to not matter in photography, photographers have learned that the less hair there is on a body, the more muscle will show through. Fit bodies are a necessity in women's photography but a unique look is more important in the world of male modeling.

Age the Model

There is a growing need for "mature" males in modeling. Out is the look of a young boy and in is the look of a business executive with salt and pepper hair. While a younger model can pull off this look, it is extremely hard to give them a mature look. Have the model shoot in poses that are more reserved. Put them in scenes and clothing that demand respect. This may be a business suit while sitting on a desk or khaki pants and button down shirt standing on a beach.

Don't Bark Orders

Some men like to be told what to do but some models want to be the alpha male. Gently giving ideas for a perfect shot will be a better idea than simply telling the model how you would like them to stand. If the model begins to get annoyed with you, he may produce less entertaining photos. Get a feel for the model in order to understand his personality and needs at the photo shoot.

Lighting Changes Everything

Men need to stand out in order to take quality pictures. The lighting must not wash out the male model. He should not blend into the background as is the case with female models. Female models are beautiful enough to stand out by themselves without strong lighting but males need the fashion and the lighting to provide quality photos.

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