How to Shoot Advertising Photography

Advertising photography produces expressive and persuasive visual representations used to sell and promote products. While advertisements may be accompanied by text, the photograph of the product is usually what draws the eye first. This field can be lucrative for any photographer.

Tools and Materials

  • Camera and camera equipment
  • Back-up batteries and battery charger
  • Lighting and backdrops (optional, depending on location)
  • Photograph editing software

Step 1 - Create and Imagine

The first thing in this process is to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and begin to craft different layouts and photo shoot elements for your advertisement. It helps to sit down with the client and understand what their needs are. For example, if the client is looking to represent a whimsical side of the product, you will not want to create a serious backdrop and storyline. Most failed advertisement photographs are the result of lack of understanding what the client needs and wants are. If you can master this gift, you will do well in the world of advertising photography.

Step 2 - Build Your Team

A good advertising photographer knows that the pieces of art are not developed in a vacuum or with one person. Before you begin your shoot, you need to be sure you know who your team is. First, select an art director. This person will help you develop your artistic layouts. Second, develop a couple individuals that are great advertising and marketing minds. They will help you to brainstorm and put together a great photographic shoot. Last, develop your team of crew that will help you setup for the photograph shoot.

Step 3 - Setup the Backdrop

On the day of the shoot, set the back drop based on your layout or your designs. This may include the setup of different props, or models. It may also include preparing an exterior photograph shoot location such as a park or forest.

Step 4 - Setup Lighting

An important part of your photograph shoot is in the lighting. Again, you need to refer back to what type of mood and attitude you are looking to convey with your photographs. Are you looking to setup the light so that it has an intense effect on the photographs or are you looking for a soft light?

Step 5 - Play with the Lenses

During your photograph shoot, switch out your lenses. Take photos that are close up as well as far away. Gaining different perspectives sometimes helps to develop and outline your eventual advertising layout. Work with your team. Solicit their feedback and their comments.

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