How to Set Depth of Field for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a lucrative business, but it's important to learn how to set the depth of field when taking pictures during the ceremony and reception. The depth of field is the depth of a photograph, which is what makes certain objects look as if they are closer than others. Photos are only 2 dimensional, so you must use different angles to show distances between objects. By correctly setting the depth of field for wedding photographs, you will be able to create images that are attractive and interesting. These should capture viewers and engage them in thought.

Step 1 - Increasing Light

To take photos that capture the depth of field, allow more light into the camera. This can be done by setting a smaller aperture in the Settings menus. The smaller the aperture is, the wider the shutter will open when taking a photo. This causes the camera to focus on a single point which will cause others to become slightly out of focus creating the illusion of distance.

Step 2 - Macro Lenses

To enhance the depth of field, use a macro lens. This allows the photographer to focus tightly on a single object. The rest will be blurred to create a brilliant depth of field. This will only be suitable for some types of wedding photography and should not be used for photos of the entire congregation.

It's important to talk to the happy couple to make sure they know the type of photos you are going to take for them. You should never experiment on someone else's special day unless they are aware of what you are doing. You don't want your customers to be disappointed with their service.

Step 3 - Telephoto Lenses

A telephoto lens is designed to allow you to zoom in, but this will shorten the depth of field. To create a depth of field with these lenses you should zoom out and move closer to your subject. This will help to create a much better contrast between the foreground and background.

Step 4 - ISO Settings

The ISO is the sensitivity of your camera, the higher the number of the ISO setting. The ISO settings restrict the size of aperture, this was not normally possible to adjust on film cameras because the ISO was set by the film when it was inserted, however with digital cameras this can be changed to anything you like.

It's difficult to explain how these settings will help you to create a good depth of field, that's why you will have to experiment with the various different settings. Before your next wedding photography booking why not spend some time practicing and refining your skills.

Step 5 - Online Help

There are plenty of online depth of field calculator websites out there which can help you to get the best out your camera and take the best photos possible. These calculators take a number of measurements into consideration and will help to frame the ideal photo.

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