How to Sell Your Photos

Wouldn't it be great to sell photos that you have taken as part of your photography business or past time? Selling photos can net a really nice profit if you know what you are doing.  

Materials You Will Need

  • Access to your stock photos
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Copywrites and licenses in tact
  • Bank Account or Paypal account

Step 1 - Do the Legal Stuff 

Before you begin to make your photography available for sale, and before you contract with any intermediary, get your legal issues all in order. Make sure you have developed the proper copyright and license contracts for your photography. Enlist the services of a proper copywrite and licensing attorney

Step 2 - Pull Out Your Stock Photos

If you have been taking photographs for a while, you have probably put together a fairly significant collection of photographs. They may be sitting stored in a bunch of CDs, they may be stored in file folders on your computer. These photographs are known as stock photos because you have a 'stockpile' of them in one place or in another. These photographs are generally taken from your pastime activities or they have been taken to help build your portfolio. These are not photos from assignments or project-related jobs.

Step 3 - Create Your Own Internet Storefront

Create an internet storefront to sell your photographs on your own. Upload your stock photos and price them out. Create slideshows, sample postcards or other fun materials that someone just might be interested in. Add a quick shopping cart, link it to your bank account or paypal address and you are ready to start receiving money from the photo downloads on your website.

Step 4 - Setup an Account with a Stock Agency

Sign up with a stock agency. Upload your photographs. As the agency sells your photographs, you will receive a percentage of the sales. Although your sale price per photo may be lower than if you sold them on your own internet site, you may find a stock agency to produce quicker results.  

Step 5 - Sell Your Photos Direct

Pull out the yellow pages, open up the online local search directories and begin to make a list of all publishers of books, magazines, post cards and even greeting cards. Send an introductory letter, talking about who you are, the photography you take and your specialities. In your letter, include a sampling of your photography. Remember to include only your best work. Sending your information to publishers this way will take a lot of persistence. Do not get discouraged if you do not get a reply. It will take you many attempts and many contacts before you will get a response. However, once you have a response, you will have a great opportunity to try and foster or develop a long term relationship with that publisher.

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