How To Sell Wildlife Stock Photography

Wildlife stock photography can be very rewarding to capture and then sell. You will find, however, that there is a lot of competition out there. While it is not expected that you be the best that there is, you will at least need to know how to sell your work properly. The more tips that you know in selling your work, the more successful you will be in the business.

Materials Needed

  • Business Cards
  • Website
  • Store Front
  • Portable Tent

Step 1: Build a Website

The first thing that you will need to do is start up a website for your work. Wildlife photography should be marketed to a specific demographic, so using meta tags in the building of your site will help the search engines pick up on the fact that you are selling wildlife photos. Watermark and showcase some of your best outdoor and animal shots on the site. This will allow you to sell these shots with a limited amount of rights. You will, however, be able to sell them as many times as you would like.

Step 2: Business Cards

Business cards are a good idea to get printed out once you have at least your website put up. You will need to have something for the potential consumers to look at when you hand them the card. It's not a bad idea to come up with a logo that reflects the wildlife photography you take. Make sure that you have any and all possible ways to reach you along with your website address. Hand these out to people that you just meet or friends of friends. You never know when you will run into a wildlife enthusiast, so make sure to have these cards on you at all times.

Step 3: Open Storefront

Once you have had your website up and running for a little while, you may want to try to open up your own storefront. This is a great place to put your work on display for customers in your area. It is a good idea for the pictures to be spaced apart, where people will be able to view each picture without others crowding their view. Put the story of the picture below it so that people will be able to get a feel for it.

Step 4: Network

When you are selling your own work, it is a good idea to attend fairs and art shows. Get a portable tent set up at these places and allow your work to be put on display. This is an excellent way to meet fellow photographers and attract new potential clients. Another great way to put yourself out there is with photography workshops. You will be able to share in your experience and your knowledge as well.

Step 5: Get Published

Getting published can be huge. You will be able to get a much broader audience and get so much more attention. Not to mention it will also give your credentials a huge boost. A great way to do this is to get into contact with editors in publications that are wildlife based.

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