How to Sell Photos to Postcard Companies

There are many ways to sell photos and make money. One way is to seek out and sell to companies that manufacture postcards. Not only would you receive monetary compensation for your vision and your work, but you would get a feeling of accomplishment from having your photo published and sold to others to mail around the world. The following are some guidelines that will help you to bring your photos to market and sell them to various postcard companies.

Materials You Will Need

  • Spreadsheet Software
  • List making capabilities
  • Photography Equipment
  • CD
  • CD / DVD Burner

Step 1 - Browse Current Selections

Visit any of the stores in your area that sell postcards. Purchase several different types and styles of cards. You will also use the cards to start and put together a list of postcard companies in your area that may purchase photographs. Begin to put this list together using a spreadsheet software program. As you develop more information, your database will become robust. This step will be timeconsuming at first, but it will save you time in the long run. Update your database of contact information at least on a quarterly basis.

Step 2 - Take Photos and Lay Them Out

Take photos with a wide array of subject matters. Never feel as though you are taking too many. The more the merrier! Begin to compare your photos with those displayed by the various postcard companies. Use ample lighting and exposure for every photograph.

Step 3 - Research Postcard Companies

Visit the website of each post card company. Review the selection of postcards for form, function, and design. Compare the selection to the photographs you have available for sale in your portfolio. Pick the top three photos to submit.

Contact the postcard company via email or phone, to see if they are accepting new photos to purchase. Next, find out who the postcard company's photo editor or assistant photo editor is. Contact either of them by email, phone or regular mail to get their submission guidelines.

Step 4 - Sending your Photo Samples

Send samples on disc by mail to the postcard company. This will increase your chances of acceptance. Include an outstanding letter describing your experience and your extreme interest in postcard photography.

Step 5 - Determine Submission Type: Licensing and Copywriting

If your photography is chosen there are two choices you have for turning over your submissions.  Turning over your copyright image to the postcard company means they have the power to use your photos whichever way they want and takes away and rights to your image. The copyright does remain with you so you can continue to use it.

Licensing, however allows the postcard company to use your photos according to the terms that you laid out to the company.

A Few Tips to Remember

  • Select photos from your portfolio that are dazzling, vivacious and extremely dramatic.
  • Eye-catching photos make great submissions.
  • Photograph subjects from different and unusual angles, including flair of drama.
Popular Models for High Quality Photos: