How to Sell Photos to Greeting Card Companies

Whether taking photographs is your pastime, your hobby or your profession, there are ways in which you can sell photos to greeting card companies. In fact, photography is a form of art they definitely can be a great money-making venture.  Freelance photographers are always looking for great places to market their art.  Greeting card companies like Hallmark and American Greetings are two of those companies that buy photography like yours to adorn their cards.

Materials You Will Need

  • Camera
  • Internet connection
  • Spreadsheet software and database development skills

Step 1 - Take Theme-Inspired Photographs

Take a whole bunch of photographs with very specific themes in mind. For example, begin to develop a portfolio of photographs that can be utilized as a compliment to a holiday card, a romantically inspired greeting card or a fun-filled comedic feel good card. Applying your photography skills to a wide variety of subject matters will make you much more marketable to greeting card companies. Make sure that each photograph you take is saying something in a visual form.  Try adding a verse to the photograph to enhance the visual effect.

Step 2 - Browse Greeting Card Supplies

Take a trip to a greeting card store.  Become familiar with the companies who use the type of photographs that you personally like to take. The company name is usually at the back of the greeting card.  Research the company's name, address, phone, email and additional contact details utilizing internet resources.

Step 3 - Utilize Freelance Writers' Databases

Completing your contact database is one of the most important things you should do. Use a freelance writers' database to search out additional information relative to the companies contact information and submission guidelines and requirements. These sources frequently give photography and art work guidelines as well.

Step 4 - Pricing Your Photography

Earnings vary widely. Top publishers pay up to $200 per photograph and smaller companies typically pay up to $50. Understand your target audience to better grasp your earnings potential.

Step 5 - Additional Tips of the Trade

Just having a beautiful photo might not be good enough for a greeting card. So here are a few ideas to consider.

  • When taking nature and landscape photos, make sure the image is big enough and properly cropped. For example, a wide landscape image might not display too well.
  • The subject matter must be interesting. Tourist or scenic areas are usually made better by the type of card frame you choose and will often be kept and displayed by the consumer.
  • The subject in portrait cards should fill the frame of the photo.

Don't worry about getting an agent to sell your photographs to a greeting card company. It is certainly easy for you to sell your quality work to greeting card companies directly, and you'll save the 10 percent agent fee.

Get your photographs printed up. There are many companies out there that will do this for you at a reasonable cost.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: