How to Sell Photos through Established Websites

In order to sell photos of different landscapes, products and people, you have to get them ready for sale. One of the best ways to sell your pictures is through an established website. Many companies are constantly looking for unique stock photographs that will not only drive traffic to their websites, but will earn them--and you--money.

Step 1 - Select Your Great Stock Photos and Get Them Prepared

Taking great stock photos is both an art and a talent. To take a stock photo that will be purchased by one two or more people, you need to make sure the subject matter is of interest. It should be of interest with not only common folk but also with designers, graphic artists and advertising agencies just to name a few.

Your photographs should be very high quality. The photograph itself should be clear and crisp. It should have a soft ligthing and it should be free of any spots that sometimes occur during the digital developing process. An under exposed photograph or an over exposed photograph do not make great candidates for stock photography.

Remove any and all company logos from your stock photos. Trademarks and third party names or images also should be completely taken out. Established websites usually will not accept stock photographs that have this imagery.

If you are submitting anything that has real people photographed, you will need to make sure you also submit all your release paperwork for those individuals. Most established websites will ask for these details up front, before you fully complete the submission process of your photos.

Step 2 - Research the Website

Find out whether a website will be worth your time and effort by taking a look around. Views the types of images stocked, and determine whether yours are on par with their quality and style. If there is a hit counter or a blog, estimate how many people visit the website.

You also want to review whether or not your photographs will be displayed prominently on the website so that visitors can go out and see them and maybe purchase them. Having exposure will help you make money. You need to determine what type of exposure you will have on any given website.

Step 3 - Categorize Your Photos 

Before you upload your photographs, create a list of categories that are appropriate for those photos. By doing some of this legwork ahead of time, you will save time and effort later on when you go and upload your photographs to the website you have chosen.

Step 4 - Upload Your Photos

You have three ways to upload your photos to the established websites. First, you can upload your photographs using a simple webform. Second, you can utilize a java uploading system and third you can use an FTP based file transfer system to send your photos along.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: