How to Sell Photos through a Personal Website

If you are looking to make money through your website and photography work, learning how to sell photos on your personal website will allow you to increase business. Follow these steps to sell photos on your personal website.

Step 1 - Sign Up For an Online Service

The easiest way to integrate your photos online is to use a separate service. You could host and print the pictures yourself to avoid commission charges from one of these websites. However, this will be rather complicated in terms of your website and it would be much more work for you to fulfill the orders. By using an online service, you are easily able to upload relevant galleries and allow the service to print and ship the photos to customers.

Find an online service to sign up for, such as Shutterfly. Do not use a site that offers less than 50% commission. For instance, Shutterfly (although this website requires an annual fee) subtracts the wholesale print cost and 15% transaction fee (commission).  Once you have compared sites which you want to integrate on your website, sign up for one.

Step 2 - Upload Photos to Online Gallery

For every set of pictures you will need to upload your photos.  For most websites, the easiest way to upload pictures is simply to do it directly from your computer.  Other websites may allow you to use an FTP program which can offer more versatility.

Upload a customer's photos to a separate online gallery.  You must ensure it has its own unique gallery, as you do not want to get a customer's pictures mixed up with another customer.  Make sure it has a proper title and date for the gallery.

As there are different ways to upload files, find the best way that works for you.  You will need to get used to this process for ongoing and future online galleries once you complete a session or event.

Step 3 - Choose Products/Prices

For a website such as Shutterfly, you get to choose prices.  Consider prices that customers may be willing to pay for prices.  Of course, you will not want to put prices too low, as that would take away from your commission.  Also, depending on the site, you may be able to choose different products to sell to customers.  Consider these unique products (for instance, Shutterfly allows you to create calendars and other photo products) for your customers' needs.

Step 4 - Integrate Galleries to Your Website

Once you have uploaded images to relevant galleries, you will need to place them on your website.

You may want to consider having password protected sections for customers to use. This will protect customers' privacy. If you do this, make passwords that are easy to remember. This will be especially helpful for weddings, for instance, as guests will need to access the gallery.

Simply place the link to the online gallery in the appropriate section. You will then be able to sell photos online.
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