How to Sell Photos Over the Internet

In order to sell photos on the Internet, you must be able to take good stock photos and use the company's website. Choose the right photo agency to ensure you will maximize profits. Follow these steps to sell your stock photos over the Internet.

Step 1: Good Stock Photographs

If you are planning to sell your stock photographs online, they must be good. With more and more photographers competing for sales, you must have a variety of good quality photographs.

Read as much as you can regarding stock photography.  After you sign up with a photo agency, you can get an idea about what kind of photos are selling. Remember that your photos must be original and be able to be sold to professionals and agencies. They must be in demand commercially.

Make sure you have a model release if you have a recognizable person in the photograph. Also, ensure there are no logos or copyrights on the material. In addition to these guidelines, do not submit photographs with digital noise due to high iso, underexposure, over-processing and long exposures.

Step 2: Choose a Photo Agency

You need to determine the best photo agency to submit your photographic work.  Check the websites traffic stats and see how many times photos are downloaded.  Search around to find insider information from the members of the community; they will be able to tell you how their work is doing on the website.

Be confident about the photo agency's standards and payment procedures.  If this is a primary source of income, you need to know this type of information.

Step 3: Keywords and Categories

Your photos will be able to have a number of related keywords. These keywords will trigger your work in searches when users are looking for specific types of photos. Use as many keywords, which are connected to the photo, as possible. Never place keywords on a picture which are unrelated.

Photos are divided into categories. Similar to keywords, you want your photos to appear in as many categories as possible. Simply choose all related categories for your photos so that users will see your photos when shopping by category.

Step 4: Upload Your Photos

Once you have signed up for a photo agency and are ready to submit your photos, you have options for uploading your photos to the agency.  The most common way is to upload them with a web upload form, which is available on all agency sites. Some agencies also allow you to upload your photo with a Java/ActiveX uploading system.
The easiest way to upload photos is to download a FTP client.  This way you can set your photos to be automatically updated, and you will be able to customize times and the whole process much easier and faster.

Step 5: Repeat

You will not get rich quick when you upload your stock photography to agencies.  You will need to stay consistent and develop a wide body of quality work. Stick with it, and you may find the success you desire in stock photography.
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