How to Sell Photos at Art Walks

Becoming a professional photographer and figuring out the best way to sell photos is sometimes a daunting task. There are so many different approaches that are available to the photographer to make money. One such way is exhibiting your gallery of photos during an art walk. Members of local communities are trying to enhance culture and bring inhabitants back into the city during the evening hours and weekends. Often they will combine street fare with a sidewalk art display or walk of art. Browsers can enjoy the different works of art and purchase some of it for their own personal enjoyment. It is a great way for a photographer to get some exposure and sell their artwork. Here are steps to get your photographs featured and sold at an art walk.

Materials You Will Need

  • Your photos - (in presentation style format)
  • Your portfolio
  • Business cards
  • Brochures

Step 1 - Find Out About Art Walks

Research online or call your local chambers of commerce to find out if they plan to have an art walk in the city or towns near your business. Write down the dates and pin them up on your calendar or display board.

Step 2 - Reserve a Spot

Decide on the art walk in which you wish to participate. Call the organizing committee and ask to reserve a spot. Try to reserve a booth in a location that will attract a great deal of foot traffic. You will likely have to pay a nominal fee to reserve your location and you will have to fill out a form that details who you are, what business you are in, where your business is and what you will be bringing with you to the art walk.

Step 3 - Prepare Your Photos

Search through your stock photos and pick your top ten or twenty favorite photos. Once you have narrowed them down, get them ready for sale. Everyone loves a fantastic presentation and you need to cater to the local individuals. Add matting around the photos that will make the photos stand out to any passerby. Then, decide on the frame and size of photo. Make sure you have many different sizes of photographs for display. Everyone has eclectic taste; some prefer small photos and others like large photographs that they can display on their walls. Take the time to carefully matte and frame your selected artwork.

Step 4 - Price Your Work

Price your work with sticky dots or tags on each of your artwork displays. Placing the price the back of the photo is usually the best approach.

Step 5 - Load Your Things

Load everything up in a truck or in your van. Make sure you bring lots of drop cloths with you so that you do not scratch your works of art when transporting them.

Step 6 - Setup

On the day of the event, set everything up. Make sure you have art displayed at different eye levels and heights. Put on a great smile, and get ready to sell!

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