How to Select Software for a Professional Photo Slideshow

One of the best ways to display your professional photos is with digital software. Many programs will not only allow you to show off your work, but also to edit, touch up and enhance individual pictures.

Ask Other Professionals

You might want to choose the software that is the most popular of your colleagues. Spend some time collaborating with your friends and contacts in the business and ask them what software they use and like best. Start to develop a list of pros and cons for each of the software and having the same type of software would make things simpler.

Features and Functions

Every photographer is usually looking for something specific to have in their arsenal of software programs. Developing slideshows from your photographs is an art form. Although many software programs are very similar in form and function, they do vary in types of tools and components that are available. Here are a few things you must consider. On your pros and cons list, write down whether they are important or not important at all to you. If these items are important to you, you need to do further research on your list of photography software programs to see whether they have the feature available. This list is:

  1. Import features - A software program may have the ability to Import slides and charts, separate from your photographs to aid in your visual presentation of your slideshow.
  2. Templates - If you rely on heavily pre-formatted slides, you will need to find software that has many out of the box template solutions. This will save you some time in learning how to create great backgrounds and visual aids in your slideshow presentation. Some software companies call these templates wizards, others call them masters.

Easy-to-Learn Features

For each of the software titles you are looking at, determine how easy they may be for you to learn. You can always upgrade to a more sophisticated product at a later point in time, but it is important to start at a level with which you feel comfortable. Take a look at the tutorials. See what type of support and customer service options each software component provides. Choose the solution that combines, for you, the right blend of online tutorials and customer service support.


Write down the prices for each of the software titles. Eliminate those that are out of your reach, financially.

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