How to Profit from a Photography Website

Your website photography is one of the most important aspects of your business, if not the most important.  Enhancing your website and optimizing it to make money can be accomplished in a few ways. Follow these guidelines to spark profit for your website.

Online Purchases
Your photography studio should be able to handle online purchases from customers.  If your studio has a location, allow customers who have had their pictures taken at the studio to purchase photos online. This will streamline the buying process of photos and allow customers to think about purchases more, which could make them more likely to purchase additional photos.

Customers who are new to your business should also be able to purchase photo packages for schedule photo shoots. New customers may prefer this method, and this will allow your website to sell to the customer rather than in person or on the phone.
Your photography website should be listed throughout the Internet.  This will ensure that customers will find your website.  Also, make sure your website is optimized for search engines. You want customers who are searching for photo studios in your area, or a type of photography service in your area, to see your business in the search results.

Submit your company's website to the major online directories.  Many potential consumers use online yellow pages and directories to find businesses in their area.  Make sure you include both the physical address and address of your website on the business listing, along with any contact information.


To drive traffic to your website, which will increase sales, you need to advertise.  Advertise online by placing your business in your area on Facebook and other social networking sites. Also, place information regarding your work on local Internet forums and in forums where you specialize.  Paid advertising on the Internet is also effective, though you must be careful to know whether or not you are targeting your audience.

Advertise locally as well.  Depending on the size of your business and the area, local advertisements can be more effective than online advertisements.  Try to place brochures and other examples of your work in relevant areas depending on the type of work your photography studio does. Buying advertising space at a local wedding shop, for example, can be instrumental in getting business.

Find all related places where potential customers would be interested in your work and consider the costs.  Also, make sure your advertisements demonstrate the quality of work your studio does and include information, such as where customers can go for more information.

Customers love getting discounts.  Place discounts on your website so that customers will be more likely to check it on a regular basis.  Be sure to cater to new customers by offering first-time discounts at your studio, or no-obligation sessions.  Also, make use of your Internet advertising.  In keeping with a previous example, offering Facebook-only promotions every now and then could drive customer interest and word-of-mouth in your community.
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