How to Print Headshots

As a photographer specializing in headshots, you also must be prepared to print these types of photographs. Since headshots are used for a variety of reasons, you may need to produce hard copies for use on business cards, on regular photography paper, on a resume, on a postcard, a placemat or mounted inside a frame. Since each of these applications are different, read on to learn the best way to print headshot photography.

Step 1 - Interview the Client

Before, during and after your photo shoot, interview the client. Take some time to understand how the client intends to use the headshot. What purpose it is being used for is an important factor to determining how you will ultimately photograph your subject. If your subject is an actor or actress, ask whether they need a commercial or a theatrical headshot. If your subject is a real estate agent, ask how they intend to use the photo--digitally or printed? If printed, then how? Each of these types of specifications will help you to determine what materials, software and printout you will need to accomplish to get a job well done.

Step 2 - Take the Photographs

Take your headshot photographs. Use many different poses, angles and lighting.

Step 3 - Select the Top Photos

With your client, select the top photographs that you intend to use for printing purposes. Display the options to the client on a big screen or monitor.

Step 4 - Re-touch Photos

Retouch your headshot photos. Make lines smooth, remove blemishes if needed, apply additional coloring for makeup, soften the background and the edges. Do what you need to do to make a great piece for your client.

If you are printing photos for actors, they may wish to have their name, phone number or agent phone number displayed on one of the bottom corners of the photograph. Understand your clients requirements before going to print.

Step 5 - Select the Finish

Work with the client to select the type of finish. A matte finish is usually a much softer look and appropriate for any setting.

Step 5 - Select the Photo Presentation Type

Explain to your client the difference between a bleed setting and a no bleed setting. Show them how a photo would look with a border (bleed) and show them how a photo would look without a white border (no bleed).

Step 6 - Print Proofs

Print your headshot proofs for your client to review. Make any necessary last minute changes.

Step 7 - Print the Photos

If you have the equipment necessary to print the photos, get them all ready for print. Otherwise, seek out a local photography print lab and enlist their services for the printings of your photos. Remember that the headshots may need to be printed on specialty items such as postcards and business cards. If you choose a print lab nearby, make sure they can handle your needs.

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