How to Name a Photography Website

Creating a photography website is a big undertaking. In today's digital age, however, anyone who is serious about a photography business needs a website to show off his portfolio. It doesn't matter if you specialize in weddings, graduations, pets or corporate events—all of your competitors have websites that potential customers look through before they select a photographer. Your website is your portfolio as well as your resume resume. That said, one of the most important yet overlooked elements of your website is its name. So how do you choose the best name for your website?

Easy to Remember and Spell

For the most memorable results, the website's name and address should be as similar as possible. You also want the name to be something that is easy to remember, and even more important, easy to spell. You might think a phonetic play on words is clever, but when someone says it out loud, the joke is lost.

A Name That Describes Your Business

You want to choose a name that sums up what you do. The right name can lead to a lot more traffic coming to your site through search engines. Choose a simple name that will pass the initial filters of potential customers. You want to catch their eyes as soon as possible, even before they see your portfolio.

Remember: people pay a lot of money to hire a photographer, so they're looking for the best. There's a lot of competition out there, and it is most effective from the customer's point of view to narrow down the pool by eliminating whoever they can for trivial reasons. A poor website name won't get you past the first round. 

Don't Copy Other People's Names

A photographer is a creative professional. Copying someone else's great name isn't creative. Show customers that you have something unique to offer. That can begin with the name of your website.