How to Market an Event Photography Business

To successfully market your event photography business, you will need to be active in advertising and develop a strong web presence. In time, you will find your business reaching a wider audience to help your business grow. Follow these guidelines to spark your event photography business.

Local Advertising

Take some time to target businesses, agencies, and any other potential consumers who may need event photography. 

Send effective marketing materials to these companies. A simple business card will not suffice. Consider sending a professionally designed brochure with examples of your company's work. You want to demonstrate the quality of the product and services you offer.
Viral Marketing
On social networking sites and forums, there are many opportunities to get exposure for your business.  It will take some time, but viral marketing remains an effective and free way to market your business. You can even consider buying advertising space on these sites.
Make use of social networking sites.  For instance, you should join relevant groups in Facebook and make a page for your business on your site.  Your business page on Facebook will be able to give examples of your work and direct interested users to your website. Also, search for online forums which are based in your area and those in event photography. Your business will be exposed, and you will develop relationships and tips.
Paid advertising on social networking sites and forums remains effective. On Facebook, you can filter your advertisements, which will enable you to target those in your area (along with other demographics). The audience that these sites reach is reason enough to consider paid advertising to drive traffic towards your company's website.
Online Optimization

You want your company to have a strong online presence.  Make sure your company's website displays many different types of events you have photographed in the past. You want to have an extensive set of examples for future clients to see and gauge the quality of your business.

Ensure that your website has effective search engine optimization (SEO).  This means that when users are searching for what your business provides, you want your business to show up as one of the top results.

You should also ensure that your website is present in online directories and yellow pages. These are one of the first places potential customers will check when they are looking for a photographer.

Your website should also be friendly to new customers. You could consider offering packages which customers could purchase online. If you do something like this, you could even provide a discount or promotion to entice new customers. Also, you should have a place where interested customers can schedule a consultation with your business online. There should be a place for customers to connect with your business.
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