How to Make Commercial Photography Connections

Commercial photography is the art of taking photographs to sell an end service or product developed by a company. A commercial photographer may work with with real estate agents to feature homes for sale, or with restaurants to develop fantastic photographs to complement a menu of food offerings. In order to develop a strong client list, you will need to network and connect with many clients over a long period of time. Here are a few things you must do to become successful in the commercial photography field.  

Step 1 - Determine Your Specialties

As a commercial photographer, you should aim to pick 2 to 3 specific types of photography in which you wish to specialize. If you like taking interior and exterior pictures of homes, then specialize in housing; if you instead love to work with a wide array of products and product types, gear your photography taking business to commodity developing and selling companies.

Step 2 - Develop Your Portfolio

Now that you have decided on your subject matter specialities, start to put together a commercial photography portfolio. Offer your services to companies for free. Take lots of pictures and pick and choose your favourite works of art. During this process, you will begin to develop a contact list of people and companies that have helped you put a portfolio of work together. If you are picking 2 or more special areas to focus, create separate photography portfolios for each area. Rearrange your photographs within the portfolio to show complimentary and contrasting work. Having a strong portfolio, no matter what subject matter you choose, will help to demonstrate your abilities and talent in commercial photography.

Step 3 - Develop Your Contact Database

Using a spreadsheet software program, start to outline the columns of information you intend to keep. Make sure you allocate columns to help you collect information such as company name, address, primary contact, photography submission guidelines, email and phone details. This will make it easy for you to begin soliciting business from these companies.

Step 4 - Network

First, remember that networking is a long term process. It develops when you develop a meaningful relationship with someone else. Business of selling photography commercially not only depends on the quality of your photographs, but it depends equally on how well you connect with the buyer, representing the company's interest. Always get to know that person first, before you pitch your product and services.

If you intend to cater to small businesses, consider attending small networking groups within your local community. Most small businesses are looking to develop long term relationships with other local individuals. This will, at the very least, give you an opportunity to collect business cards, share ideas and develop contacts.

Many areas have a chamber of commerce. Join the chamber. You will gather a wealth of contacts and you will be invited to attend meetings and events where you can begin to connect and network with different people and businesses.