How to Make Architectural Photography Interesting

When some people think of architectural photography, they may think of pictures of boring buildings, straight lines, grey bricks or even parking lots. This does not have to be the case. There are several things you can do to make architectural photography more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.


The weather can play a large role in the scene of the photo. Snow falling on the ground or rain pelting a building adds structure, allowing a viewer to imagine the scene more vividly. Shadows bring an interesting element into photography. The pillars of old buildings normally cast long shadows onto the ground below. This allows a certain mood to be set in the photograph.

Shooting at night can bring intensity to any drab buildings. The stars, moon and lights add shadows to the lines of the architecture. Many modern buildings are designed with night time lighting in mind. Color, structure and vibrancy will be dramatically increased.

Location, Location, Location

Location of the scene can also affect the quality of the photo. Staircases can be an interesting shot, depending on the way it is taken. They add a dramatic quality and require the viewer to follow them up or down with the eyes. Let the building you are shooting tell its own story. Take several shots while walking along. You never know when that perfect shot may come about.


It's all about angles. When shooting a building head on, the horizontal and vertical lines may become distorted. When shoting the building at an angle or even upwards, the photo can bring on new meaning. When dealing with an older building, simplicity is key. Allow the building to bring life into the picture. Older architecture is interesting enough so attempting to change the angle or lens may take away from the true beauty of the building. Include the scenery around the building. In contrast, many modern buildings have harsh lines and drab color but are very sleek. Feel free to bring your own personality into the picture. Shoot up close in order to capture all of the dramatic details.

It's Not Just About Buildings

When taking photos of architecture, you do not have to photograph the entire building. A small detail on the structure, such as a statue or a window will make for fascinating photos. Examples of other small details can be doorways, roofs and chimneys.

Do not feel as if you always have to be shooting buildings in order to capture architectural photography. In fact, bridges can make for beautiful scenes. The water around the bridge adds a nature element to the photo. Lamp posts, especially at night, will be a very unique and entertaining. Statues, water fountains, towers and windmills are also interesting to shoot.

The Urban Life

Urban landscapes allow people to shoot beautiful photography without going to a private location. The bustling scenes of an urban city lend a certain reality to the photo that any viewer can appreciate. You can take a everyday scene and get an extraordinary result.

While you may not always get the perfect shot, keeping these tips in the back of your mind can help you bring new elements into a photo and produce quality work. No matter what, keep shooting and you will never miss a photo opportunity.

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