How to Make a Brochure to Sell Photography

Your brochure of photography should clearly convey your best work to attract customers. Just as a website and business cards are crucial to your marketing plan, an effective brochure is also important.  Follow these steps to create an effective brochure.

Pictures and Colors

Select only your best work for implementation on your business brochure.  You will want to represent the work you do, and the images portrayed on your brochure will need to pursuade potenital customers to use your services.

Also, take time to decide on a color scheme in all areas of your brochure, from the text colors to the pictures.  You want to compliment the colors used in order to create an attractive brochure for the potential customer.


The brochure needs to be well-written.  If you are comfortable writing and confident with your skills, then you should have no problem writing the brochure on your own. However, you may want to consider hiring a freelance writer or copyeditor who has experience with brochures. It may be well worth the reasonable cost.


Ensure that you give an overview and describe all major areas in which your business practices photography. You want the customer to be aware of any specialties. If possible, try to enhance your brochure by placing at least one example for each area of service.

Included Information

Be sure that you clearly identify the website for your photography studio. This will enable visitors to get an extended look at relevant samples and prices. You will also be able to inform the customer of any news, offers or relevant promotions.

Also, include any information the customer needs to contact your business. Additionally, tell the customer about any permanent promotions your business runs.  It may be what you need to spark the customer's interest.


One of the toughest decisions you will have to make is regarding the actual production of the brochure.  If you are well-versed in graphic arts programs, you may be able to design the brochure yourself and select a printer. There are even programs that will enable you to use your own printer.

You may, however, find a noticeable difference in quality by using a professional-level printer and/or designer.  With regards to the former, you may be able to obtain a sample and see for yourself.  In both cases, you will need to do some research in order to find out if the quality will justify the price. Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: