How to Increase Business as a Photographer

In the competitive field of photography, it may be difficult as a photographer to increase business.  With little time and so much competition, you may feel overwhelmed with the task of growing your business or freelance work.  Follow these guidelines to increase business.

Your Website
If you don't have a website, you should create one.  If you do have one, ensure that it is professionally designed and portrays your work.  Make sure you have a selection of high-quality images for each area in which you photograph.  For any area or event, consumers want to see relevant images to get an idea of the quality they will be getting with your work.

You should also optimize your website for search engines (SEO).  This will enable users who are searching for photographers in your area, and those who are searching for certain areas within photography that you do, to find your website.  When relevant searches occur you want to be one of the top results.  Ensure your website is SEO relevant.

Online Sales
Whether you are a freelance photographer or own your own photography studio, selling services online is a great way to increase business.  Integrate this into your website.  Allow customers to purchase packages that you offer.  For first-time customers, offer them a discount or a free consultation to draw interest.

When you complete an event or session, allow consumers to purchase pictures from your website.  This will allow your consumers more time to look at their pictures, which may persuade them into buying more copies of their pictures.  Also, allow others to purchase pictures.  Family members may want to purchase pictures of loved ones.  And members of the community or those who have a relationship to people in your pictures (a school sports game, for instance) may want to purchase pictures.
Local Advertising
Use brochures to market to businesses, agencies, and places which are relevant for the work you do.  For instance, if you do some wedding photography, having a well-done brochure with examples and information at a local wedding store will go a long way to increasing business.  It may be worth it to pay for advertising space locally, even.  Consider the increased business opportunities carefully in your marketing scheme.

Online Advertising
With a limitless audience online, it is important to take advantage of opportunity.  Make sure you are listed in the online directories.  This is one of the first places people will go if they are looking for a photographer.

Take advantage of social networking sites as well.  A site such as Facebook allows you to create a page for businesses.  There you can include your work, website, and even offer promotions for people who see your page.  People who like your work will be able to see updates that you make.  This will allow you to reach a wide audience, where you could draw people into visiting your website.  Also, many forums specific to areas within photography are present online.  You may be able to find some in your community where you could expose users to your work.
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