How to Import Files in Adobe Premiere

You're almost always going to need to import files for your Adobe Premiere editing project. If you're still shooting on tape, then that's the only thing you're going to use Premiere to bring in. Everything else--music, graphics, video files from tapeless media--needs to be imported. There are easy ways to import files into Premiere. Here's how to do it:

From the File Menu

Importing files can be selected from the file menu. Simply select 'File'-> 'Import' to access the importing feature. A window opens up titled 'Choose an Object'. Navigate through your computer's hard drive to find the file you want to use. Premiere only supports files that are video, audio or still images. If it is not supported by Premiere, then it will be shaded gray.

You're only allowed one import at a time. But, if you want to import multiple files that are all next to each other, then click on the first file, scroll down to the last one, and hit 'shift' as you click in. All the files in between the first and last will be highlighted.

Other Ways to Import

There are two other ways to quickly import files into your project. One is the key board short cut ( Control or Command + I). The other is to double click a blank area in your bin. This will automatically cause the 'Choose an Object" window to appear. Both are fast and easy ways to bring outside files in your project.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

You need to let Premiere process the imported file before you can work with it. Depending on the size, it could take a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes. You can monitor the processing by a progress bar at the bottom right of the screen. If the bar does not move at all after a few minutes, the program could be frozen.

Once the video is processed, you can work with it. And don't worry; any changes you make to the clip in the time line will not affect the source file. You can always revert to the file's original state if the need arises. Also, if you end up deleting or moving the source file, it will cause the clip in your timeline to go off line. Once a file has been imported into your project, don't do anything to the source file until the project is complete.

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