How to Host a Website for Photography Proofs

There are many different ways you can host a website for photography proofs. You can do everything from select a hosting company to purchasing the equipment (such as servers, computers and back-up disk drives) to host the website. Website hosting for photographs extends much further than just the hardware considerations. You also need to carefully plan out the design, features and functions that you will make available on your website for both you and your customers. Below you will find several steps you must consider when looking to host a website to host your pictures.

Step 1 - Select a Website Domain

The first step in this process is to develop your identity online. You will need to sit down and think about what name you would like to give your website. Your website URL must be unique. Most common websites have a ".com" ending. Sticking with this ending is probably the best idea for your startup website. Think of a name that is not too long and easy to remember and spell.

Step 2 - Pick a Hosting Company

If you are a novice, go online and research hosting companies. There are many different companies that will give you a great monthly rate on hosting your website. You will need to find a company that has an ability to store a large amount of bandwidth. This means that you will have enough 'disk space' to store lots of proofs and photographs.

Step 3 - Check the Bells and Whistles

If you are not going to hire a professional web designer, you will need to see what type of services and extras the hosting company provides. For example, does the hosting company have templates that will allow you to put your website up quickly? What about blogging features and photo album storage capabilities?  How about shopping cart add ons? If you envision yourself selling your proofs using online shopping capabilities and unless you will be hiring a website designer, you best make sure your hosting company has the ability to do all of those features and items.

Step 4 - Pricing

After you have narrowed down your selection of website hosting companies, rate them according to your financial budget needs and constraints. Sometimes it helps to sit down and write out a list of all the pros and the cons with regard to the website hosting plans you have narrowed down or are looking to choose from. Above all, make sure the company has an ability to grow with your services and service offerings and make sure that it fits your budget.

Step 5 - Buy and Start Adding Photos

Purchase your website hosting package and start to lay out your website. If you have clients ready to look at proofs, upload the proofs to your website and provide the clients' with their unique proof URL or login.

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