How to Get Your Wildlife Photography into Publications

If you are participating in high quality wildlife photography, you'll want to find a way to get your images published. There are many major advantages of having your photos displayed in a well known publication. You can even turn your hobby into a professional business which can provide you with full time income.

Wildlife photography can be very challenging because there are so many competitors. You need to make your services stand out from the crowd so that you can make your business as profitable as possible.

Step 1: Choose a Subject

Before you can get your photos into publications, you will first need to take some. To improve your chances of actually getting the photo included in magazines or on websites, you should carefully think about the subject that you are taking a photo of. Try to choose something that is unique so that there is much less competition for it. This should make it easier to make your photo much more desirable.

If you live in a certain part of the world, for example, then you might want to photograph the native wildlife. This will mean that it's cheaper for you to capture the photos and also much easier to get the perfect shot.

Step 2: Be Patient

You must be very patient when working with wildlife. This is because it's impossible to control or tell animals exactly what to do. This means that you will need to sit and wait patiently until you can get the perfect photo. The best thing about digital cameras is that it's very easy to take lots of photos without wasting precious film or spending too much money. You can then decide which photos work for you when you get them back onto your computer.

Step 3: Edit Photos

When you have taken the photos, you then need to copy them onto your computer and edit them. You will need to edit the photos to make them much more professional. You could also consider cutting out the animal from the background to make it much more popular for use on websites. Remember to save the photographs regularly to protect yourself from the possibility of losing them or causing more harm.

Step 4: Choose Publications

Once you have taken the photographs and finished touching them up, you will then need to think about the publications that you want to submit them to. There are a number of different publications which you might consider. It's a good idea to stick to the wildlife magazines at first, although it might be possible to expand when you make a name for yourself.

Step 5: Contact Magazines

Sometimes you just need to be in the right place at the right time to start your business. You can try sending some of your photos to magazines to see if anyone is interested in them.

Step 6: Build a Portfolio

When you have some experience, upload all of your photos to the Internet with your contact details. This should make it possible to sit back and wait while the orders come flooding in.