How to Get Variety into Photography Portfolios

The photography industry is very competitive and this means that you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways of doing this is by creating a photography portfolio. A photo portfolio is quite simply a book which contains lots of photos which represent the quality of your work. Portfolios can also be made on the Internet or alternatively burned onto CD.

A portfolio is one of the best ways to demonstrate your ability to prospective customers. Portfolios are also very easy to make, with a bit of practice you will be able to make portfolios which are full of a variety of different poses and types of photo. If you can make this possible then you will stand a much better chance of attracting new customers.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Camera
  • Film or Memory Card
  • Subjects
  • Digital Photos

Step 1 - Getting Experience

Your portfolio must be full of lots of different types of photos which fully demonstrate your ability. To make this possible you need to get a lot of experience and be able to take lots of different photos. When you are first starting out you will probably find that the only way to do this is to offer your services for free. If you know any friends who want their photos taken, then you can offer your services. By offering to do it for free there is no pressure in case anything is wrong.

Step 2 - Wedding Experience

Weddings will only happen once and this means that it's very important to capture the event properly. This means that it's unlikely a couple will trust someone with little experience to take photos for their wedding. The only way that you will be able to get wedding experience is by asking if you can follow another photographer around. The couple should like this because they will get an extra set of photos without having to pay for it.

Step 3 - Choosing Photos

Once you have plenty of photos you then need to choose the ones which you want to put in your portfolio. It's a good idea to choose the photos which contrast one another and demonstrate a different skill. There's no point filling the portfolio with photos which look practically identical. Every photo should be included in your portfolio for a good reason.

Step 4 - Making Your Portfolio

When it comes to actually making your portfolio you should choose the various different shots which demonstrate a variety of skills and put them into the book. You can also make an online portfolio by creating a web site or by using a social networking web site. It's also very easy to burn the photos on to a CD or video DVD which can then be viewed in any DVD player.

Step 5 - Promoting Your Portfolio

All that you need to do is promote your portfolio so that people know it exists. Whenever anyone requests a price list also show them a copy of your portfolio. This will be much cheaper if you have a digital portfolio on the Internet.

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