How to Get Product Photography Customers

Product photography involves taking photographs of different products. The photographs generally are used in an advertising campaign for the product. As a photographer your client base will mainly be comprised of small, medium and large businesses. Everyone from the small entrepreneur to the large corporation can be a target for you as a customer. Here are a few steps to follow to gain a great photography customer base for your business.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

  • Stock photography
  • Product photography portfolio
  • Website
  • Contact Mangement Solution (such as a spreadsheet)
  • Pen and paper

Step 1 - Build a Website

Most businesses nowadays cannot survive without a website. A website does help to develop a small photographer's credability. It also gives you an ability to show your services and products to people that maybe are not local to where you are physically located. In order to build a great website, consider adding the following elements:

  • A personal biography about you as a photographer
  • highlight your accomplishments
  • Show your end results by displaying an online portfolio of photographs you have taken of different products
  • Display customer feedback and reference information
  • Add a "contact us" form

A website will not 'develop' business for you but it helps you to 'secure' the business you are going out for.

Step 2 - Make Local Contacts

Start to make some local connections and contacts. Focus on the type of people or businesses you want to do business with. You may focus on restaurants for an example. Take photographs of a restaurant's products that they offer or focus on businesses that sell products on auction sites such as eBay. These types of stores always look for pictures of their products because they need to someone make the consumer buy from a picture. Online purchasing depends heavily on product photography and you may want to start your search there first. Other ways to make local contacts include the following:

  • Go out to networking events to meet new people
  • Attend seminars
  • Attend different trade shows that display different products and business opportunities for sale

Step 3 - Cultivate Your Contacts

You need to know up front that you probably will not get business on your first introduction. Cultivating your contacts and your connections is a necessity. This means that you need to develop and follow a plan where you are in contact with these people on a frequent basis. Being in contact can mean sending your newsletter, taking them out for lunch, calling them on the phone or stopping by. The more someone remembers you, the more likely they will be to give you a call when they are looking to hire someone. The more contact you have with a potential client, the more likely they are to select you when they find the need for a product photographer.

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