How to Get Photography Jobs as a Teenager

If you are an teenager looking to make some money, look for photography jobs that will cater to your skills. As a teenager however you probably won't have much experience and that's why it can seem impossible to land photography jobs. Just because you may not have as much experience as more seasoned professionals, that doesn't mean you can't land some jobs that will pay and help you build up your portfolio.

Step 1 - Checking Freelance Websites

As a teenager still in school, you will probably be more interested in working on small projects rather than trying to apply for a full time job. That's where freelance websites come in. On these sites, employers can post their requirements for individual projects. People then bid stating how much they will charge to complete their project.

There are lots of freelance websites out there, many of which have plenty of photography jobs listed. These projects may not be as valuable as a full time permanent position, but they can be a great source of additional income. Register for one of these freelance websites and start bidding on various photography projects.

Step 2 - Searching on the Internet

You might also be able to find valuable photography jobs on other sites on the internet. It's worthwhile looking through internet forums as these will often contain people seeking assistance on a single one off project. This will be harder than when searching on freelance websites but you never know, you might be in luck.

Step 3 - Talking to Graphic Designers

Many graphic designers are in need of a constant flow of unique photographs of all types of objects. Try to talk directly to one of these graphic designers and find out whether they would be interested in commissioning your services. It should be a good situation for both of you because they are getting unique photos cheaply, and you are getting paid for doing some work in your spare time.

Contact anyone who you think may need digital images, this list could include companies, web designers, charities, schools and anyone else you can think of. These organizations may want to buy direct from you rather than through a third party.

Step 4 - Selling Stock Photography

If you really love photography then you probably already have a collection of all sorts of images on your computer. You can easily upload these to stock photo websites to share them with other people. What's more people will pay you every time they use your picture. This might not get you rich, however it's a great way to get the word out there about your photography.

Step 5 - Investing in Your Future

If you do earn some money from photography then it would be great if you could invest it back in your hobby. Buy yourself some new equipment so that you can improve your skills and start becoming even more professional. Once you've left school, you might already be established as a profitable little business.

A good photographer is always in demand and by starting early you can ensure that you carve out your own little corner of the market.

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