How to Get Nature Stock Photography for Free

Nature stock photography is a great way of putting photos on your website. Stock photography is where you purchase the rights to use the photographs in a certain way. However, depending on what you are using the photographs for, they could be quite expensive. There are fortunately quite a few different ways that you can get free stock photography if you know where to look.

Step 1: Consider Taking Photos Yourself

One of the easiest ways of getting free photographs of nature for your site is to take them yourself. This means that you can specifically choose the photo that you want and go out yourself to capture it. Not only will this be free, but it will also be completely unique. This is a major advantage that you wouldn't normally get unless you paid for the exclusive rights.

Step 2: Search for Free Stock Photo Websites

There are also some free stock photo websites which you can use. To find these, search on a search engine for free stock photo website. and are two great free stock photo websites, which offer lots of different categories of images including free nature stock photography.

Step 3: Search for Photos

Once you have found the stock photography website, you can then search for the images that you want to use. Read all of the information included with them to ensure that you can use them how you intend to. You can download the image to your computer and use it on your website or in promotional material without needing to pay.