How to Get Jobs Taking Headshots

As a headshot photographer, you will generally work out of a studio, purchase fancy lighting and backdrops, purchase computers and computer programs to help you edit and retouch your photos. As a starting photographer in this field, follow this step-by-step process to start your business and build your customer base taking headshots.

Materials You Will Need

  • Spreadsheet software or a contact management database
  • Pen and Paper
  • Fully developed headshot portfolio
  • Great personality and smile

Step 1 - Develop Your Target Market

There are many different forms of headshot photography. You need to decide which of those art forms you wish to pursue. For example, are you looking to cater to the actor and actress market? What about individuals who put headshots on their business card, such as a real estate agent? What about an ad agency? Which of these are you most comfortable with. Write one or more of these genres down. This will be the beginning of your contact management database.

Step 2 - Collect Contacts

In the genre you have just chosen, begin to research out contacts. You can purchase a service online that will allow you to find business-to-business contacts and search based on very specific genres. Alternatively, pick up a phone book or search the yellow pages. If you intend to target real estate agents, start to subscribe to real estate agent blogs, associations and news venues.  Also, look at the pre-licensing list for real estate agents. These are agents that almost for sure do not have headshots.  

Step 3 - Start Making Phone Calls

Yes, prospecting for leads and generating business is a part of any business. Start to call around. Ask people if they know of anyone that might be in need of a headshot. Start to put together those names and phone numbers in a contact management database or an excel spreadsheet.

Step 4 - Attend Various Trade Shows

Attend different industry-specific trade shows. Attend one that is specific to actors or make-up artists. Attend another for real estate agents. Each of these events will give you an ability to network with other people that use your type of services.

Step 5 - Do Things and Take Photographs for Free

Start to do things for free. Offer your services for free and ask for referrals at the same time. This will undoubtedly help you to begin and build your contact database of people that are looking to get headshots done or companies that foster relationships with headshot photographers for advertising or employee-specific reasons.

Step 6 - Have a Personal Website for Promotion and Advertising

Have a website and start to blog about your talents. Show off your portfolio online. Advertise on free local advertising websites. Tell everyone about your great headshot photography services.

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