How to Get into the Brochure Photography Market

Brochure photography is much different than just having a website with your portfolio attached to it. In recent surveys, people's attention drifted towards the image first before they looked at any written material. With this in mind, you have to decide a few things; what kind of marketing approach do you want to take and who do you market to?

Travel Agencies

Sending and requesting submission guidelines from tourist agencies is one way to branch into this market. Another option is to contact state agencies to offer them your work. A simple business card will be enough to send them to your website so they can get a quick sampling of your work.

Solicited vs Unsolicited

Sending a letter that to anyone may not be the way to go; make sure you do some research on either their website or even to an HR person who can pass along the right information. With an unsolicited letter, you run the risk of the letter being trashed right off the bat. When writing a letter, make sure you follow the guidelines if they have any, and try to keep your proposal short. They may get a lot of submissions.


As mentioned before, using a website gives you the ability to distribute your work quickly and without much overhead. Getting your name out there and into the photographer pool is the objective. Social networking sites can also help showcase your work like never before. Gone are the days when you had to carry around big and bulky picture boards and poster boards.

Using these ideas together or separately will increase your chance of being picked up by some advertising agency looking for their next photographer. Even getting a picture used for a local paper might net you some quick cash. The main thing to do is get your name out and get it to the right people that can open doors. Don't be afraid to take a chance.

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