How to Get Freelance Food Photography Jobs

When working in food photography, you have the opportunity to take pictures for editorial requirements, shoot for packaging, manufacturing and business owners, or worth with cake and pastry artists. There are many opportunities to seek out and find freelance work in this field. Consider the following steps when looking for some of this work.

Step 1 - Get Your Portfolio Ready

Before you begin to look for freelance jobs as a food photographer, you will ned to develop a great portfolio that will show your work. Take various types of photographs portraying food. You may be a photographer that is focusing more on the editorial aspects of food rather than on the packaging. Whatever the scenario, you need to show your abilities off. Be prepared to also upload your food photographs to a website for display.

Step 2 - Check Freelance Job Boards

Go online and browse the freelance job boards. You will be amazed to find how many different types of photography jobs are posted on freelance job sites.

Step 3 - Research Cookbook Publishers

Go and take some time browsing in a bookstore. Start to look at all the different cook books available on the shelves. Using the pen and paper your brought with you, make notes of all the different publishers that publish cook books. After you have compiled a list of publishers of cookbooks, send these publishers a sample of your portfolio. You can send a few photographs along with a resume and contact information to contact you for local freelance work. Be sure to follow up with the publisher to make sure your information landed in the right hands. It never hurts to re-contact these folks every couple months. This will show your dedication, persistence and interest in their publications.

Step 4 - Seek out Local Restaurants

What better places to find food photography work than at your local restaurant or eating establishments. Contact the restaurant owners via phone or by stopping by for a quick bite to eat. Find out who produces their menus and whether photographs of their food artistry can be of any help to them.

Step 5 - Find a Local Cake Decorator

Cake decorators, especially those artists that spend time making special wedding cakes for the big day, are perfect types of people to ask about opportunities for freelance photography. They are always looking to display some of their historical cakes and you may just be the one they hire for the job!

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