How to Get a Job in Advertising Photography

There are many different ways you can go about getting a job in advertising photography.  This type of photography incorporates a lot of artistic capabilities on behalf of the photographer. Here is how you get a job in this domain of photography.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

  • Portfolio of photos
  • Your Resume
  • Pen and Paper
  • Website

Step 1 - Develop a Portfolio

It is almost near impossible to hire a photographer without seeing their work. You need to spend a considerable amount of time putting together your portfolio. Your portfolio of photos should display the different types of photographs you take as an advertising photographer. Be as expressive and artistic as you like in the development of these types of portfolios.

Step 2 - Develop Your Website

Most companies like to see that a photographer maintains a website. Put up stock photos and show off your work. Some companies focus on the digital and other companies like to see the physical photos in a portfolio. You never can be sure what type of person you are interviewing with and so it is best to cover your bases. If you do not know how to upload photographs, take a class or have someone teach you. These lessons will be invaluable to you as you progress in your job as a professional photographer.

Step 3 - Call Ad Agencies

Advertising agencies are always looking for freelance photographers to develop great ad campaigns with them. Find out if any of these people are hiring. If there is not a full time position available, then you may want to consider freelancing for them and taking photographs and sending them in one by one. Once they begin to get comfortable with your work and your style, they will likely offer you an open job position before they will offer it to someone they are unfamiliar with. Always keep the lines of communication open with potential employers.

Step 4 - Contact Different Art Directors

Art directors are usually hired alongside different ad agencies. Look up your local art directors and contact them to see if they are hiring for their team. The art director is a pivotal component in any advertising company's ad campaigns. Offer your services for free or agree to apprentice with the art director to learn their styles and techniques.

Step 5 - Volunteer

The best way to get a job with an advertising agency is to start off free. This gives the agency a chance to see how you operate and it gives you a chance to see whether or not you like the job opportunity. This also will build your skill set and you will get familiar with the different components required when taking photographs for advertisements. In addition, you build a strong network of connections. Even if the advertising agency is not hiring, they may know someone that is. Since they have already seen the type of work you provide, they will be more willing to help you find a job and give you a great recommendation.

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