How to Find Models for Fashion Photography

With the growing popularity for modeling, it should not be hard to find models if you look hard enough. There are thousands of models out there looking to make it big in the business Follow these tips below and you are sure to find a quality model with a natural ability.


There is nothing better than having a close group of people that can get your name out. If one person tells their friend who tells their friend about you, it is only a matter of time before someone calls you looking for a job. Drop your name to random people. Every person can be a potential client or someone who can bring in a potential client.

Go to Parties

Although this may not sound constructive, be sure to visit all of the popular events. Going to parties allows you to find people of a wide array of abilities and talents, not to mention personalities. Even the people catering the party may be a potential model. Be sure to visit different kinds of parties. Maybe it's just a small gathering of friends and acquaintances for snacks or perhaps a large party with 100 people. Whatever the venue, be sure to bring business cards and your personality in order to charm those you are interested in.

Use The Internet

Now that technology has increased dramatically, it has become much easier to find models. A simple search will find hundreds, if not thousands of models in your area looking to be discovered. There are also databases so that you may find these models all in one place. Beware of this method as some of theses databases require a fee to log in to their system. If you are desperate for finding a model, paying for a database may be an idea but you should not have to pay for something that takes a little bit of grunt work.

Think Outside the Box

You may think that the beach, gym or other popular area may be a great place to find models. While this may hold true, in order to find fresh faces, you may have to look elsewhere. Go to a library, coffee shop or even a local play to find some fresh faces. Areas like these contain a plethora of different personalities and qualities you may be looking for.

Offer an Incentive

In order to get those interested in modeling to choose you, you must prove to them why they should come to you in the first place. Place an ad offering some free prints of the shoot in return for their time. People are always willing to come out if they get something in return. No model wants to go to a shoot, spend 3 hours there for what feels like an interview and leave with nothing to show for it.


Choose a close friend and colleague to pay share for a model that they know. This will not only decrease your cost but allow you bounce ideas back and forth regarding the model.

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