How To Film Outdoor News Stock Footage

Stock footage, also known as archive footage, is video footage that is not shot for a movie or a film. Filmmakers like to use stock footage, as it cuts down production costs. Examples of stock footage include filming of wildlife or famous news. Outdoor news is news that is related to the fishing industry. Filming outdoor news footage can be a daunting task because filming outdoors requires the director to take into account that environmental factors can affect how the footage will turn out.

The sunlight and video techniques used in the film are important. Stock video sites also have certain standards when it comes to stock footage. It has to be done professionally and must be in high definition. No blurred or low resolution video is allowed into the database. Here is how to film outdoor news footage.

Step 1: Buying the Video Camera

To film outdoor news, the video camera has to fulfill a few criteria. Select a camera that is durable, portable and compact. Select a camera that has a good zooming feature. Don't be fooled by jargon terms like digital zoom. Instead, look for the feature called the optical zoom. To get clear videos with no pixel issues, select a camera with excellent optical zoom. Make sure that is has a long battery life because you do not know how long you might take to get the perfect shot, and there won't be any power outlets to charge it. The camera must work in a dim light environment. Check the lux rating to measure how powerful the dim light is. Be sure that the video can hold under bright sunlight conditions. If you are planning to speak, use a front mounted camera.

Step 2: Be Familiar with the Environment

Before filming outdoors, be sure to scout the location first. Make sure to mark spots where you think filming at that angle is important. Being familiar with the environment can save you a lot of time.

Step 3: Adjust the Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the filmmaking process. Poor lighting can lead to distortion of objects and environmental features missing. As a general rule of thumb, you should try to avoid shooting news footage in the daytime. To handle sunlight issues, here are a few tips to counter that. First, know the direction of the sunlight. Never film in the direction of the sunlight because the sunlight will really distort any videos that you filmed. Keep your back against the sunlight to block it. Any object that you are intending to film should not be looking at the sun. It causes the object to appear smaller than it is. Keep a distance between the subject and the background.

You may use the aid of at least 2 types of reflective materials to control the sunlight's direction. You can use a cheap white plastic board as a cheap substitute. Another great option is to use a foil reflector. Just cut a circle from a cupboard and cover it with foil. You can utilize the sunlight to your advantage by using is as a backlight and the sunlight to enhance the person's face.