How to Expand Your Business as a Photographer

Since you have your own camera and you have practiced and experimented with different effects, it is time to expand your business as a photographer. To do this, you will need to create and build a portfolio of your work, create a website and advertise your services.

Step 1 - Build a Robust Portfolio

Building your own portfolio will enhance your work and get you better paying jobs or gigs. Develop a complete portfolio that shows off the different types of photography experience you have. Your portfolio should be displayed both in a photography book and also online as a web portfolio. This will attract individuals near and far to subscribe to your photography work.

Step 2 - Add Supplemental Services

Consider not only being the photographer, but also offering other services such as digital retouching and even special effects.

Step 3 - Create a Website

Create your own website. This is also is a great way to show your varied levels of photography work.  Because we live in a diverse society you might want to add your comments underneath each picture in a different language. Doing this could give you the chance to offer your services worldwide. More people are using the web for buying products and services online so why not offer your services as a photographer by even hiring a translation service to help you market yourself to the world.

Step 4 - Expand Your Advertising Medium

Think about advertising your services further than just in your storefront.  Set up appointments to visit the local schools, especially if you specialize in headshot photography to see how you can vie for their business. In addition, display your service offerings on bulletin boards in stores.

Step 5 - Give out Business Cards

You always should have business cards on hand to give to friends and family. When you are handing out your cards make sure that you give the person two one for themselves and one for them to give to a friend.  They also might want to give one to a business associate or whoever they might mention to you.

Step 6 - Join a Networking Group

You might think about joining a network of photographers on the internet.  This could enable you to get ideas and even contacts to expand your work. Think about uploading your favorite photos that you have taken to the network.  The photographers that are in this network might see something you have taken that they think a client would be interested in. If they don't do this type of job they could refer your work to their client.

Step 7 - Offer Promotions

Think of different types of promotions or give-aways you can offer to your local community or to new potential customers and clients. Think about giving away something for free to someone that uses your services for the first time. You will be amazed at how many first time buyers or clients you will attract with this type of simple but effective promotion.

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