How to Do Professional Photo Retouching

With the digital revolution, it is easy to retouch and enhance any digital picture so they look like a professional photo. Whether you are enhancing photos to display an artistic style or to make a point, or if you are simply retouching the photo, you will have the ability to change, alter and update any photograph. Here's a quick tutorial on how to retouch a portrait photograph for your business or amateur project.

Step 1 - Purchase Digital Photo Editor & Other Hardware

Purchase a digital photo editor. The digital photo editor is a software program that runs on your computer. It will give you the ability to import any photograph and apply changes and enhancements to both the photograph's subject and background. To display your photos properly, purchase a large monitor (at least 19 inches). This will make your photo editing process much easier.

Step 2 - Start with Basic Retouch and Colors

Open your photo in the software. Create a duplicate of the background layer.  Add a blur to this layer and set your blend mode of the blurred layer to a soft light aspect.  Change up the different blend modes. Use your photo and see how a hard light or overlay might work with the aspects of your photo. You can selectively choose which parts of your picture you wish to apply the blends to. Utilizing an erasing function, you can erase any part of the photo that you want to remove the blend effects. Use hard light to darken the picture and a darken blend mode to produce a watercolor-like effect. Select the mode that best suits your photo.

Step 3 - Remove Red Eye

Create a duplicate picture and close the original. Zoom in on your photograph until you have a clear view of the eyes. Create a new layer of the photograph. Using a tool that allows you to color with a drop (usually called an eye dropper), pick a color from the middle (iris) of the eye. Paint over the 'red' eye on the newly created layer. Do not paint over any of the eyelid. If you want to soften the edge of the eye, try to apply a blur using your pixel tool. Saturate the iris completely to take out the red. This will remove the red, but leave the highlights in the eye.

 Step 4 - Whiten Teeth

Using a coloring tool and a small brush (smaller than the size of the teeth), begin to pain over the teeth enamel, making them a much brighter and softer white. Be careful, because too much of a bright white will make your recolored teeth look fake. Choose a soft, natural-looking shade of white.

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