How to Do Food Photography with a Point-and-Shoot

Food photography is a great way to earn a living. If you are starting out and if you have a limited budget, you probably cannot afford to purchase an expensive camera. You can, however, do a great job at taking photos of food using a point and shoot camera. As long as you follow some simple principles, you will take some great photographs of food. Here is how to take photographs of food.

Step 1 - Use your Optical Zoom

Your point and shoot camera should have great optical zoom features. The optical zoom will allow you to frame your food well and it will produce a higher quality food image.

Step 2 - Use a Tripod

One thing that can really help to improve the quality of the photograph you take is the steadiness of your hands when taking the photo. Since the point and shoot camera is relatively small, you want to steady it by putting it onto a tripod. You can purchase a relatively inexpensive tripod at any of the local camera shops.

Step 3 - Use Natural Light

Where it is ever possible, use natural light. Use the natural lighting as a way to compliment the look of your food as it sits on the plate or as it is presented in front of you. Do not take the photograph if you are directly in front of the sunlight. You always want the natural light to be at the backside of your food.

Step 4 - Use a Great Background

Use a great colored background. Make sure you stick to one color. Do not use fancy backgrounds or patterns in the backdrop. White is usually a standard color used for most food photographs.

Step 5 - Take Time for Setup

The best thing you can do to take a great point and shoot photograph of your food is to setup the photo shoot appropriately. If you are snapping photos of food that has been plated for a restaurant, then make sure the plating has been done nicely. If you are snapping photos of big mounds of fruit, then make sure the fruit is placed accordingly. You can never prepare too much for the photo shoot.

Step 6 - Take a Lot of Photos

Since you can never quite guarantee the types of results you will get with your point and shoot camera, be sure to take a lot of different photographs. You can never have too many photographs. This will give you an ability to pick and choose the photos you would like to display for your client. Your clients will be happy to have a great big selection of photographs to choose from so that they can place the right one in their advertisement or their cookbook.

Step 7 - Practice

Taking photos with point and shoot cameras can be a little different. Make sure you spend enough time practicing.

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